Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother’s Day and On-line Shopping

For many of us Mother’s Day is swiftly approaching. The age old problem of what to get for Mom rears its ugly head and we sit and think about what she would really want on this special day. Flowers and candy are the norm and always appreciated. For some, taking Mom out for a day on the town or coming to her home for a visit and maybe fixing her dinner are all she will want. Both of my Moms live far away. My Mom lives in New Mexico and my Mom in law lives in Nevada. I live in California so a visit to either one this Sunday would take a lot of planning. I will be the first to admit I don’t plan trips really well. My husband is my travel agent. He finds the best deals and I just call, give the dates and credit card number. He makes it simple.

Having someone to help with gift giving can also makes life a little simpler. This concept is why so many people call 1-800-flowers this time of year. I’m sure they do a booming business from May 1st till Mother’s Day and it can all be done on-line. On-line shopping has made it easy to find that perfect something, get it sent and taken care of without leaving your home or office. Many people are very busy with their day to day lives, work schedules and appointments and have a difficult time getting to the mall or store to shop around for a gift. While I’ve sent flowers in the past, I was able to send something else with the help of friend. I told her want I wanted out of her product line and she sent them off. I didn’t have stand in line at the store or the post office. It was so easy I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t shop on-line.

So can I make some suggestions? Shop on-line and it doesn’t have to be with my store. There are many stores on the internet and today is the day to shop if you want your purchase to make it to Mom on time. There are items on Etsy from candles to scarves, all of which Mom would love. Just about every brand has representation in an on-line store. You can always purchase jewelry and there are many options that are quite reasonably priced. While anything that we get our Moms on this special day will be well received we still want to get something that she is sure to use and enjoy.

I remember the day when all you had to do was make a card and watch your Mother melt. I’m a lot older now and some how I don’t think a homemade card would cut it, but a cake of homemade soap might just do the trick. Trying to figure out what to get Mom will always be a problem because we want to dazzle her. We want to find something unique that speaks to her and makes her happy. So give on-line shopping a try, there are tons of unusual, in a good way, items out there and I’m sure that you can find exactly what you are looking for, that special something that is as individualistic as your Mom.

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