Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Totally chic

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good print, but there is just something about solid colors that make us all leaner, slimmer and much more confident. Now I’ve seem women wearing floral print jeans and I have to admit they look awesome, but it’s a look that I can’t seem to wear with any confidence so I end up looking awkward. There are prints in my closet but they are mostly banker stripped tailored shirts and Swiss dot dresses. I’ve got a couple of abstract pattern silk blouses but they’re reserved for solid colored business suits, my lawyer look. Everyone should have a serious look now and then.

Prints have a tendency to translate into texture and too much texture can make an outfit appear bulky, even if it’s not, and no one wants to look bulky. When you put on an outfit you want to look your best. Now when I talk about a monochromatic look I’m not talking about wearing all black, you might look like a beatnik, or wearing all denim, only cowboys do that. I’m talking about wearing all one color that is muted, soft and flattering. A monochromatic look is streamlined and clean cut; it’s the minimalist take on fashion. The monochromatic clothing trend is all about tasteful and detailed dressing. Anyone who has tried to match a skirt to a blouse and it wasn’t already a set knows what I’m talking about; it is very difficult to find just that right tone. Color is affected by the material of the garment so it takes a skillful eye.

The monchromatic look is slimming

Part of this trend centers on the personality of the wearer. It’s the type of person who wants to look tasteful yet not stand out. The cut of the garments is more important then the “look at me” factor. You always look perfectly polished in one color. It is effortless dressing that can be casual and fun. The advantage of wearing all one color is the slimming effect. When you wear head to toe tan the eye will travel up and down your entire body, not stop at your waist where there is usually a color change. Now who doesn’t want to look a little slimmer? This is probably why I’ve always leaned towards this style of dressing. If you’re still not sold on monochromatic outfits it’s still fun to wear all one color with a blazer or sweater in a complimentary color. This look is still very chic and slimming.

When it comes to accessories you should stick to the same color family. You can wear Smokey quartz bangles and rings with muted browns. Bakelite jewelry also comes in tons of colors and can be found to match any outfit. Champagne is lovely and nothing looks classier than wearing all champagne or even ivory with several strands of pearls. If you love the color of honey nothing looks better than a mixture of earth toned amber, wear them chunky and abstract shaped. Additional benefit of wearing amber is the reasonable pricing; anyone can afford a few pieces. So maybe I’ll go out and look for a pair of blush colored silk pants to go with that blush camisole, it might look pretty awesome with some rose quartz bangles.

The color of summer

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