Wednesday, May 30, 2012

JCK Las Vegas

For those of you who know what JCK Las Vegas is, there is no need for explanation. For those of you who do not know, it is the most awesome jewelry event in the world. The best part, if you’re a jewelry buyer, it’s free! Now of course your hotel, travel and food expenses are not covered, but entry into the show, seminars and even a free concert at the Beach at Mandalay Bay is complimentary. This year the concert features OneRepublic as the entertainment. I’ve been getting phone calls and invitations to come and see what will be offered for sale. I will be coming back to say hello to some exhibitors and see what they have this year. Others maybe getting a look see for the first time. It’s fun because it all depends on my mood and for one week each year I’m the buyer instead of the seller.

There is nothing better than spending a week strolling around a convention center viewing booth after booth of spectacular jewelry. I will be in heaven. For most women this would be an experience of a lifetime. Kind of like going to New York for fashion week but with jewelry instead of clothing designs. There will be many designers and manufacturers available all showing off their pieces. Some are large companies with well known designs; others are smaller with avant garde designs trying to make a name for themselves. All will be interesting and at times a little overwhelming. The volume of exhibitors can be a little daunting. As a jewelry nut, the nut in me wants to see everything, every piece of jewelry, big or small, whether it will fit style wise in my inventory or not.

Can't wait!

But of course I have to be reasonable as the show has a finite number of days for exhibition. I will have to plan, see those I must see and try and fit in seminars and visits for new suppliers within a reasonable time frame, darn! So much to see and experience, so little time, after all, I am in Las Vegas and who doesn’t want to have a little time for recreation? Once the show closes each day there will be a few hours to relax rest and fit in some fine dining. I’ve done these shows before and there is a lot of walking and standing, even if you plan well. I’m sure that I will be tired at the end of each day, so having the time to recharge is important.

So armed with a list of “wants” and “needs” I will be hitting the show floor when it opens. I’ve made my plan for which seminars interest me the most and skipping the ones that while interesting, can be missed. I’ve spend more time planning this year as last year I kind of overdid it. I do not want a repeat of last year when I was sick the last day of the show and the following week when I returned home. It was a total bummer. This year will be awesome, but then every year it is awesome, who can resist the largest jewelry show in America?

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