Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Handbags Make the Woman

From the Dooney & Bourke look book

This might be a hard concept for many men to grasp, but a handbag makes the woman. There are a couple of things that speak loudly in our outfits when we are out and about, one of them is shoes and the other is our handbag. I always seem to notice these two items first when I’m meeting someone and I don’t think that I’m the only one. A handbag sends a message to others about the wearer’s character. Who they are and what they are about. This is especially true in the working world. A woman who has a disorganized handbag may come off as disorganized and unable to competently finish projects and assignments. If you watch someone fishing around in their handbag for something do you think they have it together or do they seem lost in confusion?

Love this Cole Haane structured handbag

I admit to carrying around a rather large handbag on a daily basis. This is partially because I don’t want to be caught away from home without something essential and my ability to figure out exactly what is essential isn’t always on target. I envy those women who can walk around with a tiny handbag with nothing more than their ID and a lipstick. I am unfortunately not one of these women. I have a friend who is of the small handbag clan and she confessed that she actually has a much large bag in her trunk with everything from makeup to Band-Aids and she simply carries the small bag with just a few things when she leaves the car. What a good idea.

Michael Kors always looks professional

Since organization is the key to looking well organized and by proxy, competent, here are a few tips. A bag for everyday should be big but not too big. You want to be able to carry things with you but not your entire life.  If you can carry a pair of running shoes in your bag it’s probably too big. Think iPad or tablet, not laptop computers complete with power converters and mouse. I always like to have an everyday handbag that can carry a book. If I get stuck in line or end up waiting for a prescription of other appointment it’s kind of fun to pull out a small paperback or my iPad and read a little. Yes you can play with your smartphone but I feel like I get more accomplished when I read a book and my wait time isn’t so dreary.

Dooney & Bourke lambskin totes when you have to take it all with you

Another great tip is having a pocket or two on the outside of the handbag. These pockets are a great place to put your smartphone or car keys. I also like to keep a pen handy or anything that I may have to produce quickly. Nothing slows down a line more then waiting for someone to find what they are looking for in their handbag. If you find that you spend a majority of your day on the road away from home or the office I would suggest investing in a large leather tote bag which hold all your items to get through the day and then keep your essentials in a stylish handbag. This way you have what you need and it’s easy to tote from the house to the car and back. So if you take a little time before you purchase that handbag not only will you look stylish but you’ll come off as organized and totally together. Two things every woman tries to achieve.

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