Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dark Shadows Jewelry

Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer in Dark Shadows

I’ve been watching a lot of trailers and clips from the new Tim Burton movie Dark Shadows. It stars Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer as Barnabas Collins and Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and is going to be in movie theaters May 11th. The reason I’m writing about this movie is because I actually remember the original TV series that was on as a soap opera. I don’t remember much about this series other than it was overly dramatic, filmed in black and white and had a lot of fog. A saw it a few times while playing at a friend’s house. Her Mom was a huge fan and never missed an episode.

Rona Pfeiffer necklace

What is fascinating is now it is being made into a movie. It has big stars, a well known director and many special effects that just weren’t available back in 1970. The best part is the costumes that will be featured in the movie. Since Barnabas was from the 1700s and is awakened in the 1970s there are two types of costumes and with costumes comes jewelry. No costume movie is complete without jewelry and the new version of Dark Shadows is no exception. The jewelry that Michelle Pfeiffer’s character wears has both a 70s theme and a gothic theme. The pieces are courtesy of her sister in law Rona Pfeiffer a jewelry designer. She designed all of the pieces worn by Pfeiffer in the movie and I have to say many of the pieces I’ve seen in photos are exceptional.

You can't get more gothic than a cross necklace

Since I’ve seen quite a few trailers I noticed the beautiful gothic statement necklaces that Pfeiffer has worn. They are large and quite ornate with an antiquated edgy look. The pieces look old, older than the 1970s; they have a family heirloom look. This is what would probably be expected of the character. Elizabeth Collins Stoddard lives in the mansion Collinwood and probably received many pieces of jewelry that would be passed down to the next generation. Pfeiffer’s character is obviously in charge so she is a natural to wear the family jewels. The jewelry has a dark edgy look that perfectly compliments the dark aspects of the characters personality. The Collins family has many dark secrets and the jewelry with its gothic appeal is an outward display of a troubled past.

These bracelets are both gothic and stylish

Okay, so this movie looks really interesting and I will probably go see it when it comes out. Since finding out about Rona Pfeiffer and her jewelry I took a look around the web and found a few places that sell her pieces. They are very similar to the pieces featured in the movie although those pieces were made specifically for the film. It is a great look that can be worn if someone wants to make a statement and the antique jewelry look is making a bit of a comeback. I’m sure after the movie it will probably explode, gothic looks are still popular and who can dispute the popularity of vampires. It’s fun and interesting to see how movies and popular culture influences the clothes and jewelry we wear and how styles evolved. This movie shows that classic jewelry pieces can stand the test of time and how wearing a family heirloom can still be fashionable, just look at how fabulous Michelle Pfeiffer looks wearing the Collins family treasures.

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