Friday, May 25, 2012

Affordable Diamonds

Diamonds aren’t just for bridal sets. Small diamonds set in interesting settings of white or yellow gold has been around for a relatively long time. Many designers Pave diamonds in a setting to give big sparkle without a big price tag. David Yurman has been doing this for years and it is common practice to set smaller diamonds around a larger central stone. This type of setting gives the illusion of a much larger stone and as techniques for setting stones becomes more sophisticated; we are seeing more and more innovative methods for increasing the stones visual appeal without increasing the overall price.

Fine fashion jewelry isn’t a new concept; many designers have latched on to this popular jewelry style. It allows the consumer to purchase jewelry that is several steps above costume jewelry without breaking the bank. Additionally, because it is fine fashion jewelry the styles have a tendency to be more fashionable and on trend. I would think this would be a growing market as consumers are still leery of spending too much money on nonessentials and staying on budget. While everyone wants to be good and remain on their budgets, it is hard to deprive yourself of jewelry forever. I have yet to go an entire year without purchasing at least something small, it’s a curse.

Small diamonds or sapphires that make up a total carat weight of one tenth to one half, if set right can offer a lot of style for very little money. Diamond prices continue to rise and inflation, while stable, always seems to apply in the jewelry industry. Year over year pricing goes up, albeit slightly, each year. There are few times when I have purchased an item for stock that didn’t go up the following year. One would think with these types of increases each year that jewelry would be a safe investment. Unfortunately, I have been unable to convince my husband that this is true. It probably has something to do with my unwillingness to sell any jewelry pieces I’ve purchased for myself.

So regardless of whether your looking for diamonds or sapphires or even rubies, small stones artfully set can look fabulous. My very first pair of diamond earrings were a round setting with small diamonds set close together for sparkle. I’ve since moved on to larger half carat studs but the earrings have been passed on to my daughter. She is absolutely thrilled to have them and I’m sure someday she will upgrade, but until she does, the look of real diamonds cannot be beat.


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