Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The $1500 Hot Dog

I’ll admit it, I watch the Food Channel. Every now and then they have a program featuring outrageous foods or expensive eats. I’m always amazed that someone can turn something ordinary yet really good into a culinary question mark. There are hot dogs, hamburgers and even ice cream sundaes that have huge price tags. Usually it has a lot to do with the ingredients in the food item that merit the increased price over an average snack. Sometimes it’s an item added, like a diamond bracelet or other piece of jewelry. While I’m not totally against truffles and Kobe beef for a hamburger, I think things like gold should be worn not eaten.

There is an expensive ice cream sundae that uses edible gold as a topping. I know this small amount of gold is not toxic but it sure seems silly to eat it. I’m not sure that it actually adds anything to the ice cream since ice cream tastes pretty awesome all by itself. What would be really smart is to figure out a way to take something really expensive and turn it into a great value. This is true of many pieces of jewelry. There are designs on the market that use extremely expensive material and rare gems. They can get a little pricey and many people, while admiring their beauty, may not be able to comfortably afford such extravagances. It’s the medium priced market that seems to get ignored. Yes, there are plenty of places that sell costume jewelry and some of it is really good looking, but what about someone who wants attractive jewelry that is well made?

This seems to be a semi-neglected part of the jewelry market. I know that I’m more middle of the road than high end so I’m always looking for jewelry that is a good value and attractive. This is probably why I like semi-custom made pieces and natural stone, they give a lot of bang for the buck. There was an article in InStyle Magazine that features some beautiful long dangly earrings. It was touted as a new fashion trend that is both an earrings and a necklace, note the swing. The astonishing part was the price range of these earrings. The lowest was $1900 and the highest was over $28,000. I don’t know about you but this seems like a lot of money to spend on something so trendy.

Sure there are people out there who think money is no object, but for the rest of the world we want jewelry that is attractive, trendy and reasonably priced. So I would suggest finding styles that are similar but made with sterling silver as opposed to white gold or maybe with gold plate or accents. Diamonds are beautiful but so are white sapphires and when paved most cannot tell the difference. One large diamond will look quite different from an equal sized sapphire but little diamond chips look just like sapphires or even rock crystals. My theory is, fake the look but with good quality material, e.g. sterling silver and semiprecious stones. This has always worked for me and I have the jewelry collection to prove it. Besides I never feel bad when I get something I like at a good deal even if it’s a trend is no longer on point.

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