Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Watch is making a Comeback

For some the watch never went away, but recently watches are becoming a hot accessory. More and more people are turning away from their cell phones as a time piece and actually purchasing a watch. My husband was guilty of this for years. While he owned watches he rarely wore them. A watch tells time, but then again so does a cell phone and he was never without his cell phone. As cell phones became more sophisticated people found them to be indispensible. No one left home without it. I was also guilty of this, I was fearful of leaving home without my cell phone but found that I sometimes zipped off to the store without my watch or any jewelry. While I would go back into the house for the cell phone, I often just shrugged my shoulder and continued if I left my watch behind.

Watches can make a fashion statement. This has always been true; just more people are realizing it today. The reliance on a cell phone to tell time while practical does not set a fashion tone. Since everyone has some version of a smart phone you can’t show your individuality. A watch can be unique, expensive, flashy, avant garde or even trendy. Statistics show that men are purchasing more watches with year over year increases from 22% to 25% depending on the price range. It’s great to see men taking an interest in matching their watches to their clothing. Men are viewing a watch not only as an accessory, but as an accessory that compliments and enhances their personal presentation. Just as jewelry compliments a woman’s outfit a watch can add that touch of luxury and finish an outfit needs to be totally pulled together.

Many men are finding that watches can be a status symbol. Where the car was something cool and showed personality, a watch now does the job. Additionally a watch can be much more affordable and portable. You can wear it everywhere you go and you don’t have to pay insurance, registration, gas and maintenance cost, how awesome is that? Also watches are getting much cooler. My husband showed me some watches that have visible movements and are modeled after airplanes. There are watches with all kinds of fancy calendars, faces, cases and watch bands. There seems to be a larger selection with interesting features then in years past and this may also be driving the resurgence in watch wearing. Guys love gadgets, especially tricked out gadgets.

So as watches become more fashionable they are also becoming more expressive and status symbol orientated. A watch has always been functional and that is part of the beauty of owning a watch or a wardrobe of watches. A watch can enhance your outfit, add some pizzazz to an outfit and you also have the benefit of telling the time. You will never be late again. I’ve always found it more help to check my watch on my wrist when I am keeping track of the time then hunting down my cell phone in my purse and I think others are clueing into this convenience. So if you’re an avid cell phone time monitor, try a watch, you might find that it’s really cool to tell someone the time by looking at your wrist.

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