Monday, April 9, 2012

Unique Jewelry

Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to jewelry. Some people love traditional designs and classic materials. Others seek out something that expresses their own personality and they want to stand out with their jewelry. What is exciting about jewelry today is the number of designers who have non-traditional designs, larger pieces and fresh ideas. I’ve always been a little traditional in my jewelry purchases but lately I’ve taken a liking to some pieces that are a little different but still hail to the traditional. Gabrielle Bruni Creations uses traditional material but makes a slightly larger statement.

The use of large gemstones makes the pieces unique and bold. The material used such as sterling silver with 14k gold accents lends versatility to each piece. What I admire most is this designer's ability to add a little extra to each piece. While many pieces that use sterling silver, gold and real gemstones will have automatic elegance based on these precious materials, with Gabrielle’s pieces there is attention to detail. The necklaces are intricate; the chains on the bracelet are both sturdy and attractive. I’ve always been impressed by the workmanship on each piece.

Another advantage in seeking out unique jewelry is the cost. Many designers who are not super well known have much more reasonable pricing. While well known designers such as Cartier have been around forever, they also command high prices for each piece. Their unique jewelry is both bold and expensive. For those in the required income bracket, I say have fun. For the rest of us, we need to purchase jewelry that has value. Little known or up and coming designers generally price their pieces reasonably. They understand that there is inherent value in the material and labor to manufacturer the piece. Once they determine this value they generally mark it up by a much smaller percentage than some of the long standing design houses.

The reasonable cost, the attention to detail, the unique bold look all make Gabrielle Bruni Creations a brand to explore. I have several pieces myself and enjoy them. I’ve received many compliments on each piece and based on the price they are an awesome value and I’m all about value. Since I don’t have an unlimited income I have to look for pieces that work with my wardrobe as well as my personality and budget. I’m a bit of a snob and still want quality pieces, not really into “costume” jewelry. I would rather spend a little more and get something that is extra special. Isn’t that what unique jewelry is all about, that extra special little something that makes us feel good and look great.

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