Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Simple Solutions for Short Necklaces

You'll need some jewelry pliers

Many of us have chains that over the years just seem too short. The price of gold has also made purchasing a new longer chain for our pendants seem a little ridiculous. I also like chains that are sometimes odd lengths. If we follow the advice of Carla Mathis, who wrote The Triumph of Individual Style and devised a technique which allows women to find the most flattering placement for a neckline we should find the perfect length for any necklace. She is the one who invented the term “balance point” to describe where the neckline should fall to create a flattering frame for the face.

 Snake chains while pretty are not easy to work with, at least for me

The “balance point” is essentially a point on your torso. This point is derived from measuring from your hairline to your chin. The point on your torso is the same length from your chin down to this “balance point.” When wearing a necklace the concept can be applied. If the bottom of your necklace falls near this point, it doesn’t have to be exact; the necklace should flatter your look. It does this by elongating the neck and giving a more graceful appearance. Another point to wear a necklace is usually in the middle of the “balance point.” This is a nice point especially if the neckline of the outfit is cut low. It helps to break up the expanse of skin and draw the eye upward. The concept when wearing jewelry is to enhance your outfit while flattering your features. The right combination of clothing and jewelry can help stylize your look and bring everything up a notch.

 Open loops are the easiest to work with

But what if your “balance point” is in an odd position? You might need to add a little length to get the perfect effect. Believe it or not, it’s a relatively easy task. If you have some jewelry pliers and some loop chain by the inch (all can be found at jewelry supply stores) you too can customize the length of your necklace. I have an 18” gold chain but I would really like it to be 18 ½” of maybe 19”. This is kind of an odd length since most premade chains come in set lengths. By purchasing an inch or two of gold chain or maybe a chain extender I can add the appropriate length to my necklace. If you use a jump ring you can attach the extension to the loop at the end of your necklace and voila, instant longer necklace. The beauty of this quick fix is the affordability of the DIY project and the necklace can be worn smaller if desired. Just hook the clasp on the loop of your choice for the perfect length. This same method can be used to make a security chain for a bracelet as long as there is an open loop.

 Don't forget your jump rings

I’m probably going to order some chain today because I also need a few little jewelry items and findings. Many DIY jewelry projects are simple and don’t require anything other than a few items and a steady hand. It’s great that I can do it myself considering I’m not the best at these types of projects. I’m definitely not a jewelry maker. This way I can add an inch to my favorite necklace to get the exact length I need and I don’t have to send it to a bench jeweler. I’m all for easy.

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