Friday, April 20, 2012

Semi-Custom Made

I’ve watched a Food Network show called Semi-homemade. On the show Sandra Lee makes meals from premade, boxed or simple ingredients. She transforms the ordinary and unimaginative into something special or party worthy. She makes it seem easy, which it is, and her results are impressive. The wonderful thing about this program is how she can change something ordinary or standard into something that is her own with just a few simple ingredients or a special technique. The same principle can be applied to jewelry.

Many are probably aware of Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring. It’s a big headline grabber, especially since Brad and Angelina seemed destine to stay in unmarried bliss forever. Now she is sporting a dazzling custom made diamond engagement ring that would make any woman swoon. The media is explaining that Brad spent a year working with a designer to find just the right diamond, have the diamond cut and mounted in the most flattering setting possible for Angelina’s slim fingers. The results are stunning and hard to miss. While Brad and Angelina may have had a year and a virtually unlimited budget to custom design the perfect ring, the rest of us are not so lucky.

Enter the semi-custom made piece of jewelry. This is a piece of jewelry that has an already finished setting. There are some slight variations to the setting, such as metal type or finish. The person requesting the semi-custom piece can choose which type of stone they would like to have mounted in the setting. There are of course limitations as to what type of stone can be used, not all precious stones translate into the same cut. It probably isn’t advisable to put facets on an opal. Also some stones lose their unique color properties if they are cut too small, tiger eye or star sapphire.

I think that everyone would love to have a piece of jewelry that was made specifically for them. This is probably why engagement rings are usually sold as diamonds separate from settings. You choose your setting and then your diamond. The same principle can be applied in choosing your everyday pieces or even something special. It’s a great feeling to wear a piece of jewelry that you had a say in designing. It’s like decorating a room and getting to pick the colors. It’s shocking how we would never allow a room to be painted in a color we didn’t choose but yet we buy jewelry right out of the case without thinking about how to customize. Next time you’re thinking about a jewelry purchase consider semi-customizing, it truly makes the piece your own.

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