Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Really Big Diamond

The Beau Sancy pear shaped diamond

When I was a kid I thought The Hope Diamond was the world’s largest diamond and at 42.52 carats it’s pretty big. The Hope Diamond is not the world’s largest diamond but it is probably one of the most famous. It’s actually a blue diamond that is displayed in The Smithsonian and its fame probably comes from its purported curse. Whether the curse is true or just legend, it has certainly increased its interest and value over the years. The world’s largest diamond is actually the Cullinan Diamond which is the largest rough cut gem quality diamond at 3,106.75 carats. It was eventually cut into approximately 105 diamonds and of course became part of the British Crown Jewels.

 Pretty big rock

Large diamonds have always held a fascination with the public. Actually any large diamond or gemstone has made news. Since it is not every day that someone digs up a huge gemstone we of course want to hear more. It’s not the norm for someone to find a 50 carat diamond just hanging around in the ground, it’s rare. So when large well known diamonds go to auction, its news. When the Beau Sancy (34.98 carats) was said to be going up for auction this past week in Geneva, it was a media story. The Beau Sancy diamond is well known and has a long history going back 400 years. It has been worn by many of Europe’s royal families beginning with King Henry IV of France in 1604. He is said to have purchased the diamond for his wife, Marie de Medici, yes those de Medicis!

 One would think they would wipe off the fingerprints before they took the shot

Many women would love to have a really big diamond but most of us have to settle for something that costs less than the GDP of a small nation. Which is probably wise since we don’t want to hire a bodyguard every time we leave the house, besides, even the crown jewels are only worn for special occasions. Even the Cullinan Diamond required a bit of subterfuge when it was shipped from South Africa to England. Rumor has it the “fake” diamond was placed on a steamboat with guards while the “real” diamond was sent to England via parcel post, although registered. It makes it abundantly obvious that those who own or wear super large diamonds are really trying to make a statement and that statement is usually “look at me!” Most of the world’s most famous diamonds are usually displayed under glass in museums.

 Another great shot of the Beau Sancy...with fingerprints

So for the rest of us who live in the real world, think pave or maybe an expertly crafted cocktail style diamond ring. There’s usually a lot of bang for the buck when you go this route. I don’t need the world’s largest diamond to make me happy but I would really be happy with the proceeds from its sale. The Beau Sancy diamond is expected to bring in somewhere around 2 to 4 million dollars, that’s a nice little retirement fund and who would turn that down? Not I.


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