Monday, April 30, 2012

New Computer

Yes, those are ice skates and I actually use them on occasion

I got a new computer over the weekend. My old computer is still sitting on my desk. I have always had laptops since I kind of lean more towards aesthetics then towards function so a laptop has been my computer of choice. My desk in my office is also one of those large topped, four legged, no drawers to speak of type of desks. You see them in home decorating magazines and while very good looking, they have few places to stash your stuff. Thank goodness for the 50s style credenza packed to the gills on the other side of the office.

My massive credenza, don't open the drawers

One of the tough things about a new computer is transferring files or getting the information you currently have onto the computer that has nothing. I found out the only version of Office I owned on a disk was a 2003 version. While functional it is quite outdated. When I went to look for an updated version on-line I found that a new version is scheduled to come out sometime in June. I will have to wait until then to have a newer version of Office on this computer because I refuse to spend money twice and the release is only a month or so away. I have patience for things like that.

 Two computers are better than one

What I don’t have patience for is getting everything from one computer to another. It takes so much time to download something. Not to mention how to figure out how to download something. If you’re like me you don’t change computers everyday. So you have literally your entire life on one computer. You have all of your internet bookmarks, your accounts and contacts, everything that you go to over the years and put on your computer. I’m also a computer hoarder. I never erase anything. I still have files from when I was in college. Now that’s old.

It’s going to take me awhile to get everything together. It’s kind of like moving your office and having to go through everything that you own and figure out what you need, what you want to keep and what can be thrown away. On top of all this virtual moving I’m learning a new keyboard. The old laptop was simple; the new laptop has a ten key on the side. When I first started typing I was always off to the right, my eyes saw all the keys to the right and naturally kept shifting, weird. I’m getting a little better at it and the keys themselves don’t feel as funny as they once did. Now I can see the advantage of having your computer die. When it dies you just lament the loss of your stuff but carry on. Since I didn’t lose anything I have to computer clean house, bummer.

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