Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Natural Stone Earrings

I know I’ve gushed about natural stone jewelry in the past. I have some but still haven’t put it up on the website. Taking pictures and getting items up on the website has always been a challenge for me. The challenge is getting me to do something tedious. Let’s face it; buying jewelry is way more fun than inventory, cataloging, picture taking and then data entry. Who can resist browsing through samples of really beautiful jewelry? This is especially true if you get to pick your favorites out of all the available jewelry trends.

I’ve been searching for some natural stone jewelry and found a great selection of earrings. It’s been a while since I’ve added to my earring collection and these pieces are pretty and very spring. Animalistic looks are also on trend for the spring season so these fit the bill. There are animal prints and natural stone in various colors and textures. Another great look is pearls. These aren’t your Grandmother’s pearls. They come in a large variety of colors and textures, freshwater pearls in various shapes.

Natural stone is a great transitional piece from winter to spring. It lends a bit of outdoorsy spirit to any outfit. The weather doesn’t always cooperate when spring is coming. We still get a lot of rain and wind. Since this type of weather precludes wearing sundresses or sleeveless tops, an earring is an especially good transition piece. If you like to wear your hair up or simply in a pony you can show off a really nice pair of earrings. Bulky sweaters, scarves and coats may hide other pieces of jewelry but not earrings. Since many natural stone and pearl earrings come in a variety of colors it’s easy to match any outfit, from winter grays to spring pastels.

I’m going to work on getting some of these earrings up on my website. It’s time for some new earrings in that category. While I love the look of amber, my most recent addition, I think these natural stone earrings will add some pizzazz. I’m also thinking pearls are a great addition, this is a category I’ve neglected for quite some time and it’s beginning to show. The great thing about pearl earrings is they meet the criteria for two categories, earrings and pearls. So for the perpetually distracted such as myself, this is a great item to add. So if you have time, come and cruise the website, you might find something you love.


  1. I plan to buy a kitchen plate, so I wonder who is the best material ..
    Whether to use slinestone or other natural stone ..
    I was informed that the silestone lot of good material so I wonder if anyone had any experience with it ..


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