Monday, April 23, 2012

Location, Location, Location

As any realtor knows, the most important aspect of any piece of property is location, location, location. Many flaws in a piece of property can be fixed with a little elbow grease and it is not unheard of to bulldoze a house to make way for something new and spectacular. Potential buyers will not take the time or jumps through hoops if the property is in a bad location. If you have a prime location you will probably not only sell your house quickly, but you may also receive top dollar. Having a retail store that is located in the perfect spot is also important.

I saw a story about successful teenagers, these teens had started their own businesses selling home crafted jewelry, stationary and even doggie apparel, while they were all pretty successful, the one who borrowed some money from her parents and got them to sign a lease during the holiday season for a kiosk at the mall was by far the most successful. We can chalk this up to her location. I don’t think that her hand woven bracelets were that much better or craftier than the teen who sold doll clothing, but the bracelet teen had an ideal location. Not only did she make something that many of her teenage friends would like, it was cheap and she was right in the middle of the mall during the busiest shopping period of the year. The other teens sold their wares through word of mouth or at local craft fairs.

The mall cannot be beat when it comes to foot traffic and sometimes that’s all you need to draw people into your store, but what about your internet store? How do you draw foot traffic to this location? Many experts believe that getting you store front on the top of a search engine list is important, after all, how many people scroll through page after page of search engine listing to keep looking for that perfect something. I maybe the exception to that rule since I can run through many pages of listings till I tire of searching, I guess that I’m looking for a specific something as opposed to just searching around. This makes me believe that you have to know what your potential customer is looking for, not just having items for sale.

I also like to browse. If there are quite a few items to look through I’m more likely to “shop” around. But there is a fine line between items to browse through and going on the hundred day march. I’ve been to on-line stores that have over a thousand items in just one category. You feel as if you’ve been running a marathon by the time you get halfway through. This can be a turn off, at least for me. Although I know people who could win gold medals if shopping was an Olympic sport so on-line shopping is just a warm-up to them. Whatever type of store you have think location, location is important and this also means positioning. How you position your brand in the on-line world can either make you extremely visible or practically invisible, so take care. No one can buy something if they can’t find it or you, so fill out that search data on your items when entering them into your store. It makes you more visible and brings in more shoppers.

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