Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter is Big Business

Yesterday I wrote about Easter and the coming of spring. I was trying to figure out how we can inject spring like elements into our wardrobes and accessories when the weather is still in transition. I personally like pastel colors and floral patterns because they really say spring and are easy to mix and match with our existing winter clothing and fabrics. It’s easy to add a touch of spring even if the weather isn’t fully cooperating. Much to my surprise an article in The Wall Street Journal, Karen Talley, Easter Spending: Consumers Hop to It, Wall St. J., Apr. 2 2012, at B2, discusses the considerable amounts of money we spend during this spring transitional season.

It was totally shocking to learn that Easter is the third largest buying holiday in the United Stated right behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Who knew? The amount that Americans spend on Easter is also shocking. According to the article the average for each person buying during the Easter holiday is $145.28 and that amount is projected upward by 11% from last year. Those folks who analyze our spending are projecting that the total for Easter spending is going to be somewhere around $16.8 billion this year. I don’t know about you but that’s a lot of chocolate bunnies and peeps! Apparently that doesn’t end there; we are also spending more on our spring fashions.

Many people are also splurging on a new look this spring. We are all into that sense of renewal and the promise of spring. Those experts are also predicting that this is the time of year when consumers are willing to pay full price in order to update that look and have just the right outfit for spring’s arrival. Part of this optimism is due to the outstanding weather that most of the U.S. has experience these past few months. The weather has been much warmer than normal, I know we had a lovely January and February this year, although March was dismal and now April hasn’t been anything to talk about. The analysts are also citing the calendar for an increase in spending.

This year, Easter is two weeks earlier than last year. This gives more space between Easter and Mother’s Day. If two buying holidays are too close together it actually cuts into the budget and makes it difficult to splurge on each. Since there is so much time, a total of five weeks this year, many are predicting that each holiday will be a little bigger. If you shell out $145.28 on Easter there isn’t much left over to spend on Mom in only two weeks. This year it will be different, we have five weeks to save. This is all good news and I’m hopeful for the spring season and the economy. If the experts in charge are right, businesses around the U.S. will be taking an uptick, and isn’t that a reason to welcome spring?

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