Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Candy & Your Spring Wardrobe

Easter is next week and many families are preparing for the group get together and Easter egg hunt. This religious holiday has changed a bit since I was a kid and church was the emphasis of the day. It seems to be more focused on egg hunts and candy filled baskets today. Easter is celebrated not only in the church but also as the return of spring. The commercial celebration seems to emphasize the coming spring and symbolizes this with cute little bunnies and chicks. Candy companies crank out marshmallow versions of them each spring and consumers pick up their favorite “Peeps,” which now come in a variety of colors and shapes. I remember when they were strictly yellow and chicks.

There are many beautiful symbols of spring. Flowers are certainly a good symbol and of course the Easter basket. While there are many symbols of the coming spring I would have to say floral patterns are probably the most ubiquitous yet wearable. They are seen in many of the spring dresses that are showing up in stores this time of year. While bunnies and chicks are cute I’m not sure that I would want to wear them on my clothing. Although this is something that a two year old can get away with, in fact, if you dress a small child up as a bunny or a chick you will probably get some very memorable photos and a lot of “likes” on Facebook.

It’s sometimes hard to dress for spring since the weather is usually in transition and we are going from our winter colors and fabrics. I like to take a cue from Easter candy and start using more spring like colors in my outfits. I usually start by adding lavender since it goes well with gray and I have a lot of black and gray basics in my wardrobe. If you notice Easter candies seem to emphasize pinks, lavenders and baby blues, you also see a lot of yellow. The colors of spring are the colors of spring flowers and if you’re not comfortable with dressing in an all out floral pattern you can add a little pastel now, even if the weather hasn’t warmed up all that much.

While I’m probably not completely ready to put away the winter clothing I’m hopeful for some spring weather that will allow me to add a little bit of pastel colors and brightness to my wardrobe and accessories are a great place to start. Some lighter scarves, maybe something with a spring or floral pattern. I can move from a heavy coat to a blazer and then to light linen as the season progresses. For now I might just add some spring beads to my charm bracelet since the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating with my wardrobe wishes. Cute bunnies and flowers are spring and jewelry always perks me up. What a great compromise!

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