Friday, April 27, 2012

Bracelets Inspired by Nature

As you probably already know I’m a huge charm bracelet fan, but not just any charm bracelet, the bead style bracelets. I just love the tons of beads and how you can add and add and make a bracelet that is exactly your own. Now that spring is right around the corner it’s time to start a charm bracelet that is inspired by nature. The possibilities are endless. Springtime bracelets should reflect the colors of the season. Green is always popular and the jewel tones of spring flowers can also be a hit. I think that beads in these colors would work really well to create a spring bracelet.

Another spring look is natural stone. There are many beads that are made from natural stone and have a wonderful look and color. These beads come in a variety of colors but I’m leaning towards yellows, browns and reds. The beads that have earth tones are appealing, although there are beads made of jade and Russian serpentine that come in green colors that also have a lot of eye appeal. The hand blown glass beads not only come in a variety of colors but many of the patterns simply say spring. These beads have the pattern of flowers or leaves blown right in the glass.

I’ve managed to finish one bracelet and using an 8 ½’’ hinged clasp bracelet I was able to put on nine colored beads, eight sterling silver beads and 2 clips to hold everything in place. Of course if you’re looking for more color you simply reverse the combination. I alternated beads to get the most uniform look and it worked out pretty well. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this beaded charm style bracelet. The colors are fairly neutral and are cool in color. Since I started it in the winter I was wearing more black, grey and white so these colors were a natural. But now that spring is here I’m looking to create something with a little more color or in earth tones as I transition to spring outfits.

 My black and white winter bracelet, all done!

If the beads that are chosen are earth toned it would probably be best to choose beads that have gold accents or gold plate. Gold is a warm tone and when reds, browns, yellows and oranges are used it is best to stay in the same temperature zone. That is probably why sterling silver beads look so awesome with blacks and whites. Also nothing says spring like beads shaped like flowers or the sun, there are many floral beads to choose from and some have gold accents and even 14k gold with a diamond accent. It took about four months to get my winter bracelet together so I’m expecting about the same amount of time to put together my spring/summer bracelet, can’t wait to begin.

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