Thursday, March 1, 2012

Writing a Blog

Regardless of the subject, writing a blog is hard work. There are many factors that make it difficult, “writer’s block” is always near and ready to make your life miserable. Keeping on task and writing about something relevant to the audience and the current state of affairs. Making your writing both enjoyable and readable for the reader, it has to be something that someone would want to read, all these things make it hard to write something good. I had a professor who once told me to write to my audience. I guess he was trying to tell me to get inside their head and write so that it was not only easy to understand but something that would keep them riveted, I was supposed to do all these things while convening my message. Looking back on my college writing experiences, other than a deadline, it is nothing like what is required for writing a daily blog.

First off, “writer’s block” comes for a visit on a regular basis. You don’t get a break and just because you know you have to write something doesn’t make it any easier. I find that reading material related to the topic helps to get the creative juices flowing. It’s not always a sure thing, but when you’re really stuck, why not take a look at what’s trending. Staying focused is another hard task. Most bloggers don’t have editors or other people to keep them on task. We have kids, spouses and outside jobs that keep us focused on everything else except our blog. This can make for disjointed writing, but it is interesting.

The hardest part thing about being a blogger is keeping your writing relevant to your audience. This is no easy task since a blogger never knows who their audience might be. If you write for a magazine or a newspaper, you know who you’re writing for, they purchase the publication and usually said publication has a theme. When you blog your audience can be anyone. It can be people interested in your subject; it can be retailers, wholesaler, private parties, and people who just happen to stumble upon your writing. You never know who will read what you write and most importantly, you won’t have a clue as to why they even went to the site or if they even read the article. Just because you got a hit doesn’t necessarily mean that person read what you wrote.

So remember, while this is supposed to be a jewelry blog, because it’s a blog I can write about most anything related to jewelry, marketing, and even fashion. If one looks hard enough you can relate just about anything to something else, kind of like that game, seven degrees of separation. Since today I have a jewelry trunk show to get ready for I’m taking the easy way out and writing something general in nature. I hope this information is useful and tomorrow I promise to post pictures of the show. After all who doesn’t like to look at pictures?

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