Monday, March 19, 2012

Something Bright

The classic red lip!

I’m back after a two week hiatus for my health. I’ve found two clichés that are true, 1) there is a reason why doctors are said to be “practicing” medicine and 2) whatever can go wrong will go wrong. So after my horrible hospital week I really needed something bright and I found it in the Personal Journal section of The Wall Street Journal. They had a wonderful article on very bright lipsticks. Apparently this is the new makeup trend for spring. Each season makeup trends move around our faces, it might be eyes, or lips or even cheeks that are emphasized. This spring we are celebrating bright lipstick colors.

In the past the smoky eye has been a favorite. This deep colored trend is very sexy and lends a little mystery to the wearer. The only mystery to me is how to make my eyes look smoky without looking like a raccoon. I’ve tried dark colors, smudging, eyeliner and various diagrams that help to illustrate how to construct a smoky eye without success. It’s a little depressing when you try so hard for a particular look and only end up looking ridiculous, not to mention all the time and effort. This is why I was so thrilled to hear that the emphasis will be placed on a bright colored lipstick. Not only do I have some bright lipsticks I can actually put on lipstick with ease.

According the article, the bright lip should be worn with toned down makeup, no smoky eyes required. Start with your lips and go from there. This makes it easy for me since my eye makeup is usually a couple of coats of mascara and a dusting of nude colored shadow. I said I like things easy! The bright lipstick look can use classic red, bright coral, deep burgundy or bright pink. Most every woman has found at least one of these colors and currently owns it, another check mark in the easy category. Another great aspect of the bright lipstick look is a bright lipstick has more staying power. I’ve worn really beautiful light lipsticks and glosses and while they look great on initial application, they do fade pretty quickly. A bright lipstick looks colorful from the minute you put it on and stays that way for hours. If it’s really bright even if it fades over the course of a day there is always a little residual color left behind to brighten your complexion.

Bright lipsticks do put a lot of emphasis on your face so you might want to keep your jewelry look simple. Stay away from busy earrings that highlight a lot of color or pattern. This is where a classic diamond earring comes in handy, another of my staples. You also might want to indulge in a statement cuff or multiple bracelets. You can wear a lot of rings, such as Stackable Expressions for a bold statement, just don’t forget the manicure. Now that I’m on the road to recovery I will be taking a look at my jewelry and what will be appropriate for spring. Apparently I have to be almost dead to stop thinking about jewelry and fashion, funny how that is.

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