Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Natural Stone

Now that spring is right around the corner, or at least it is suppose to be. I’ve been taking stock of natural stone in jewelry. Now I’m not talking about gemstones which I love, but stones like agate and quartz. If these stones are highly polished and paired with other stones it makes for a dramatic look. Another nice thing about natural stone is the natural feel because of its organic look. Natural stone has a more rugged and hand crafted feel that can translates into a sense of well being. I don’t know what it is exactly but it makes me feel good, but then again jewelry does that for me.

When spring comes around I move away from my more formal jewelry, diamond bracelets, structures precious metal pieces and precision cut gemstones to more natural shapes and stones. An informal piece of jewelry fits better with the more casual and flirty fashions generally associated with spring. It’s not that I don’t wear these pieces, come on, how long can a girl stay away from a diamond bracelet? It just feels better to wear jewelry that has a casual appeal.

I have a standard spring wardrobe that consists of blazer with t-shirt and jean with loafer or sandals, maybe the occasional skirt or sundress. This casual attire would look odd with a beautiful and elegant necklace, but I want to make this casual outfit just a little more dressy. A natural stone necklace with a mix of freshwater pearls, tiger’s eye and/or agate can make a dramatic statement yet keep it all laidback. I also love the fact that the stones aren’t perfect. When you purchase a piece of gemstone jewelry, it’s usually set in precious metal and has a defined shape and size. It’s beautiful and precise and it’s this precision that makes it look so formal. A natural stone doesn’t have to have an exact shape, it can be free formed which makes you feel more like a free spirit.

Different shapes, sizes and colors that blend add some interest is a fashionable look. For those who aren’t sure if this look is for them don’t worry, most natural stone jewelry is relatively inexpensive. So you’re not making a huge investment. Additionally, there are natural stone beads that can be added to a beaded charm bracelet. It will change up your look without depleting your bank account. That’s the nice thing about spring, the fabrics are breezy, the outfits have an unstructured look and most everything is easy on the budget. Can’t wait for some warmer weather so I can wear something natural, I love sweaters and scarves but I’m thinking it’s time for something organic and raw.


  1. I love this new stone jewelry! Very earthy and I just love quartz! Great post!

  2. What an extraordinary stone i frist time saw really very gorgeous jewelry.