Friday, March 2, 2012

It's the Little Things

I read a financial article on things we are most likely to waste money on, and of course the Starbucks habit was number one. I know that there are people out there who purchase a fancy cup of coffee each and every morning, but I find it hard to believe there is a group also purchasing a second cup each afternoon. I believe that those who spend $10 a day on coffee can afford it. After all who would go into debt for coffee, nobody is that addicted. What was astonishing was how much a $10 a day coffee habit would add up to in a year. Now I’m not advocating this expensive habit but if you put this much money into a savings account or retirement fund, you might have something there. On the other hand, this concept works mighty well for jewelry.

Many people have their eyes on large expensive baubles, who doesn’t at one time or another? It’s the cost of something large that can be daunting. Unless you have a lot of disposable income it might be wise to save up first. There is nothing wrong with having a dream piece of jewelry that you need to spend a little time saving for, it will make it just a little more special. Budgeting jewelry into your clothing budget is important. Jewelry is an accessory and the right accessories can make an outfit fabulous. If the selection of jewelry is really nice, it can usually be worn with a number of different outfits, you want versatility here. Depending on the piece you might get a lot of mileage out of it and this reduces its cost per use. I know I’m trying to justify spending money on jewelry. Any financial adviser would say jewelry is a bad investment.

Bad investment aside, jewelry, just like any fancy coffee habit makes a person feel good but not in an over caffeinated way. It’s the little thing in life that make dealing with traffic, working hard and putting up with a bad situation a little more tolerable. Now saving for a fabulous piece of jewelry makes good sense but there are many smaller jewelry purchases that can be made for very little money. The Stackable Expressions rings are great and can be purchased alone or just buy two to get started. I found two beautiful gold plated bands that run about $30 each and can be paired with a white agate ring with 14K gold accent. They make a wonderful set and they don’t break the bank. You can add to the rings and mix and match over time with small purchases every few months.

Another great way to fulfill your jewelry habit is with the Reflection Beads line. If you purchase a bracelet to start and just a few beads you can add to it over time. This is a fun way to work at something and most beads are under $50 each. There are many that cost about $30. So if you’re spending $40 a month on coffee try saving that money for a month and spending it on a little something special to wear. Jewelry is calorie free, non caffeinated and reusable, besides it’s a little thing that can really add up.

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