Friday, March 30, 2012

If I Win the Lottery

I could buy a Birkin...or two...or three

As many people know, The Mega Millions Lottery is now some obscene prize of $540 million dollars. More money than most people know what to do with, so I’ve decided that in honor of the lottery I will fantasize about how I would spend that kind of money. First and foremost, I would probably be practical and pay off a bunch of bills. Everyone can admit it, there are probably some debts hanging over our head that we would feel better just not owing. It could be something as simple as the last of the car payments or student loans. Once these things were taken care of I would probably go shopping.

 A Chanel in classic black is always good

Since I’m an accessories kind of gal I would probably buy a Hermes handbag, I’m thinking a Birkin. I’ve seen these bags on the arms of celebrities and at luxury goods sellers such as Portero. I would still want one in classic black or brown but just the thought of owning one of these handbags is unbelievable since some cost more than my first house. The things one could own when winning this much money pretty much has no end. You could shop for furs, jewelry, expensive clothing and shoes and probably never find the end of your “wants” list. If you noticed I put “wants” not “needs” because other than paying my bills I don’t really need these things. It’s like owning more than two watches. I found out long ago I only need two watches, one for everyday and one for nights out. After all, how many wrists do you have?

That’s the quandary of winning this much money. What to do with it and how to spend it. No matter what you do there will be people who think fulfilling your dreams with your money is selfish. I’ve heard horror stories of families and friends who are no longer speaking because of a few million dollars won in a lottery. Can you image the problems $540 million would cause? While I would never turn down this kind of money if I won it, I’m not crazy. I really don’t need it and while I’ve purchased my tickets I know odds are I won’t win, the thought of this much money is still a little daunting. I’m also sure once the thrill of going on a shopping spree is over the real task of what to do with the money and how to spend it wisely would rear its ugly head. I hate having to be practical.

So maybe winning this kind of money isn’t in the cards but it also may not be what I need to make me a better person. My closet is pretty stuffed after all and if I could buy anything I want would that make shopping and bargain hunting less exciting? Kind of like a Twilight Zone episode. Although I could use a few buck, so how about the $250,000, that’s not being greedy! I could do a lot with that kind of money and still have some left over to put in retirement. So no matter who wins good luck to everyone who bought a ticket. Someone has to win and my bets are on some office pool that bought a bunch of tickets. Although I feel sorry for their employer because the whole office will quit come Monday morning. For those who love to image, drop me a comment on what you would buy with your winnings, it’s good to have a fantasy and we still have a day to dream before the numbers are drawn.

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