Monday, February 13, 2012

Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

I just read an article detailing the worst Valentine’s Day gifts a beau can give his gal on this special day. Some of the offenders include roses, candy and jewelry in a ring shaped box, really? I find it hard to believe that there are girls out there who look a gift horse in the mouth. The writer complained about the ubiquitous bouquet of red roses with baby’s breath. Too girly and not unique enough according to the article, I would love to get a bouquet of red roses, or daisies, or carnations. Once you’ve been married for a while, work and life get in the way of romantic gestures on a particular day. The writer also complained about the satin heart shaped box of chocolates. She complained that the box of candy was not original, was a useless box and didn’t always hold candy that was the receiver’s favorites. She has got to be kidding me, its chocolate, what woman turns down chocolate? Even if the box isn’t filled with your favorites, it’s still good and besides, the giver can eat those without fear of retribution or losing a finger for touching the chocolate.

The complaint that jewelry should not be given in a ring shaped box kind of rang true. No one wants to get someone’s hopes up only to have them dashed by another piece of jewelry. If the piece of jewelry is really stunning you might want to rethink the receiver of this jewelry if they pout too much. Maybe this isn’t the girl for you if she turns up her nose to a really gorgeous pair of earrings. I’ve never turned down a piece of jewelry in my life, regardless of whether it was expensive, real or otherwise, it’s jewelry. It takes a brave man to go out and purchase a piece of jewelry for a woman. I’ve been married for a long time and my husband won’t purchase jewelry until he confers with me. This may also be his way of getting out of buying jewelry for me.

Some of the other items make a little sense, a wreath of stuffed hearts, a teddy bear that says “I Love You” or even racy lingerie, although I would think expensive underwear from someone’s favorite store might be forgiven. The author also warned against purchasing practical gifts or appliances and no gift cards. While I agree with the appliances, expensive electronics such as an iPad might be cool. She also complained that perfume was off limits. She warned that you might get a bottle of perfume you don’t like, true, but if your guys knows you he’s seen the bottle and knows what to get. Perfume is expensive and I always fish for an expensive bottle of one of my favorite perfumes as a gift. I usually get it and love it.

The author also advised against certain gifts for guys, although I don’t understand why the author said no buying gift cards for the guys. Most guys are practical and while they would love an expensive gift, you have to be practical and within budget sometimes. My husband loves iTune gift cards. He has a huge library of music and there is always some song or app that he wants. I can either let him buy on his own or I can get him a gift card and alleviate some of the pressure of buying what he wants, no guilt involved. Like I said, guys are practical and spending too much in the iTune stores can make them feel bad or self indulgent, like they should be putting this money away in retirement. So give red roses, candy in any shaped box, although you can get more in a square box, gift cards and jewelry. I could have sworn it was the thought that counted and the trouble someone goes through to make another happy, not the actual gift.

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