Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a Great Accessory Idea

Picture from Lucky Magazine March 2012 page 80

In the March 2012 issue of Lucky Magazine they have a fabulous accessory idea. On page 80 there is a little blip about a chic new way to carry a tote. They start off with a supple leather tote bag with short looped handles. This is a great tote bag for hauling around your stuff. The chic part comes in when the bag is emptied of much of its stuff, folded over and used as a clutch. I am in love. What a great idea and there is a real possibility that I already have a tote bag that can be used in this manner. I know it sounds dumb, but why didn’t someone think of this before?

The reason that I am so jazzed about this idea is because of travel. How many times have you taken a trip, gotten on a plane and had to carry a bunch of stuff with you. These are the things that you need to survive in an airport, or on a road trip, or anytime you’re gone from home for extended periods of time. The problem comes about when you reach your destination. Once you get there what do you do with that large tote bag. If you’re like me you unpack it, put some of the items in your purse and then put it in the closet of your hotel room. You then have a large tote that isn’t used until you leave. What a waste of a handbag. By using this method you can forgo the purse and tote bag while traveling. If you use the tote bag and then unload at the hotel, you can now use the tote bag once you get there, no extra handbag required.

 Lucky Magazine picture showing tote folded and unfolded

The awesome thing about this accessory is the ability of the tote bag to expand if you go shopping. Let’s say you use the tote during travel, it holds your magazines, iPad, various doodads and purse items. Once you get to the hotel you remove your bulky nonessential stuff and go out. The tote can now be folded over; it becomes a chic large clutch. If you go out and shopping is involved you have the ability to unfold the clutch, turn it back into a tote bag and carry around your purchases with ease. I can’t get over how versatile this idea could be. The first item on my agenda today is go through my closet and see what style of tote bags I already own. I’m hoping I have one that looks similar to the photo.

If I don’t already own a large supple leather tote bag with short handles I can always go shopping for one and shopping is fun. It’s really great when I find a new way to use an accessory I already have and even better when I’m shown a new way to wear an item. I love versatility and this idea is probably the best idea I’ve seen in a while. So now I’m on the hunt for that perfect tote that folds over with ease and has short handles. I’m thinking massive or dangly hardware is out. Don’t you love it when someone’s creative ideas make your life easier or more chic, I certainly do. 

 They forgot versatile too!

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