Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Candy

I read somewhere that almost 1/3 of women want jewelry for Valentine’s Day or about 29%. Unfortunately, not nearly as many women receive jewelry. It is probably more common to receive candy and/or flowers as a gift on this particular day. Not that we all don’t appreciate candy and flowers, especially Godiva or some other premium chocolate, but most women really appreciate jewelry. Not all jewelry has to be fancy and we are not expecting the crown jewels, but a small token of your appreciation is always treasured. For those women who want jewelry and candy I have the perfect gift idea, a Hershey Kiss Pendant.

These cute little pendants come in affordable styles, such as sterling silver with cubic zirconia and knock your socks off extravagance, diamonds. You can order the pendant in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold encrusted with real diamonds, and I don’t know a woman who would turn down diamonds. The wonderful thing about this jewelry is that it comes in pendants, earrings and bracelets. You can deck yourself out in Hershey Kisses. Also, if you’re looking for something different, the cubic zirconia comes in colors. You can have chocolate colored cubic zirconia, Valentine’s Day pink or red cubic zirconia. There are many different colors, but since its Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking the pink and red are pretty nice.

So come on guys, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a hassle and it’s easy to impress that special lady. There are almost two weeks till that day so this gives you time to order that gift and have it shipped. It doesn’t get any easier than that. So now is your chance to get her the kiss that lasts forever and you might get some kisses in return.

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