Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Precious Metals

I love the look of white gold; there are many people who love the look of yellow gold. While sitting around and watching one of those reality TV programs that featured miners. These guys happened to be in Alaska and were mining for gold. I thought about all the other metals that are added to gold to make it white. I have an upgraded wedding ring that is made with several large diamonds and platinum. I purchased a smaller thinner plain band of white gold to wear with the diamond ring. I noticed the other day that the band is turning yellow. While some people would say this is not a good thing, it simply means that my band is made from actual gold.

In order to make natural yellow gold white, other white metals are added to the mix. While yellow gold that is 18K has some other metals added, it is at least 75% gold, the metals added are usually copper or zinc. This helps to maintain the yellow color. White gold that is 18K is also 75% gold but white metals such as silver and palladium are added to make the gold white in color. Many people like the look of white gold since it makes a diamond stand out. Yellow gold can also make a diamond look yellow since the yellow color is reflected back through the diamond.

Once upon a time platinum was more expensive than white gold so purchasing a white gold ring was easier on the budget. Nowadays white gold is as expensive as platinum so it really should be considered when making a decision. An alternative to platinum or white gold jewelry is palladium or sterling silver. Sterling silver does have a tendency to tarnish but it really the most affordable metal on the market currently. It can be shaped into anything you like and will not change color over the long haul. The cost of the metal makes it easier to afford large gemstones or even diamonds more easily. I have several pieces in sterling silver that I enjoy very much. It has the color that I want and the cost helps to make large pieces affordable.

I’m always shocked by thin chains and delicate jewelry made from gold. The current cost of gold makes it difficult to have a large, bold chain on any piece of jewelry unless you happen to have a large trust fund. I also like to wear different pieces to suit my mood and the high cost of gold right now makes that difficult. So while I would prefer to have all my jewelry in platinum or white gold, I’m going for sterling silver and palladium right now. The price is right, the color is exactly what I’m looking for and it allows me to have bigger and bolder jewelry. It’s a win-win all around.

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