Monday, February 20, 2012

New York Fashion Week

Where's Waldo?

New York Fashion Week ran from February 9th through February 16th in New York’s Lincoln Center. The fashions showcased fall 2012 and while many of the fashions were very chic and fashionable, some were just plain misses. When I saw the pictures, I couldn’t help but smile. Many designers want to be unique and while some are stylish and unique, others are just strange and unique. I’m sure they were trying to find that happy medium between fashion and art. Some could say it’s actually art as fashion. None could say that these items wouldn’t turn a few heads if they walked down the street instead of the runway.

 Raw construction material statement shoe, I think...

Anytime there is a fashion show it’s an opportunity for designer to express their design sense. Sometimes their concepts make us swoon, other times we just scratch our heads in wonder. I’ve seen many of the fashion misses on the internet and wonder if others have expressed any dismay. When something is really out there does someone ask the designer what the outfit is supposed to mean? Are the people who work under the designer afraid to say anything? Are the designers themselves trying to make a statement that few will understand and if they do, are they really understanding what is being said or just faking it? I do not know enough about fashion to understand many of these wild art outfits. I just know what I like and what gives me a laugh.

 Black Swan meets Goldfinger

There were many fashionable looks that came down the runway. I love the look of slim silk pants with heels. All the silky fabrics and patterns in clothes today are quite stunning. There seems to be more chunky jewelry, the cuff is still in and so is the large link necklace. Since the resurgence of the 50s and 60s retro looks, costume jewelry is now more popular than ever. Dangly earrings with colorful stones that are opaque are very stylish. The wild outfits on the runway didn’t appear to have much jewelry and this is probably a good thing. While a great suit looks awesome with a chunky chain necklace, an ostrich headdress with a statement necklace might be over the top.

I still think Katy Perry did it better

It still remains to be seen if any of the outrageous looks that don’t quite fit the average workplace will do more than tickle our funny bone. I’m sure they are not meant as everyday wear and instead represent an artistic fantasy. Fashion is as much art as it is style. Those who are stylish do not necessarily wear outrageous clothing and by the same token, not all outrageous clothing is reserved for the runway. While many of these outfits are not wearable in their current incarnation, many represent an exaggerated form of expression. This is where fashion meets art.

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