Friday, February 10, 2012

Never Flush Your Jewelry

Yesterday on the local news there was a human interest story about a woman who had accidentally flushed a gold necklace down the toilet. The necklace was a gift from her husband twenty years earlier and one of the few pieces of jewelry she had left after a burglary of her home. Apparently the clasp had broken and it had fallen into the toilet and a once precious piece of jewelry was gone. The story was on the news because the city sanitation department came out about four months after the flushing and actually found the necklace. It had gotten caught up on something in the pipe and was found towards the end of her property line. The sanitation worker said he found the necklace pretty quick and brought it back to the owner. This is a story with a happy ending.

Unfortunately I’ve heard many stories about lost jewelry. I talk to customers and acquaintances who have told me their tales of woe. Sometimes the jewelry is taken off to wash their hands, lost on vacation, or stolen. Any way you slice it it’s no fun to lose a beloved piece of jewelry and when the cost was high it can be devastating. Many people do not have insurance because of the cost and the replacement of something expensive can be hard financially. That’s where flashy but inexpensive jewelry comes in handy. I’ve sold a lot of rings made from alternative metals and cubic zirconia. These rings are quite affordable and if they’re lost, it’s a bummer, but not as bad as losing a real one carat diamond ring.

These rings are also popular with people who travel for their work as well as vacationers. Air line stewardesses who travel a lot do not want to leave a ring accidentally behind. Some wear a wedding ring to help deflect unwanted attention from admiring passengers and they don’t want to invest in a real diamond. Also, people may be afraid of losing an expensive and adored ring while traveling. I had a woman tell me once that she couldn’t find her ring after a return from their villa in Mexico. She was sure that she had left it there and was planning to call the property manager to check. She better hope that it didn’t grow legs and walk away.

So the next time you are planning a trip aboard or maybe traveling for work is now part of your job, consider alternative metals and cubic zirconia jewelry. They offer a lot of bang for the buck and you won’t be devastated if the clasp breaks and you accidentally flush it down the toilet. After all, accidents do happens and forgetful minds get distracted, especially on vacation.

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