Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

As predicted, my husband will be thrilled with a gift card. Yes, that’s right, that author of the worse Valentine’s Day gifts who advised against giving your guy a gift card for this special day was wrong. The most important part of any gift is knowing the recipient. If you know someone doesn’t love gift cards, don’t give them. Just the same, if you know someone doesn’t wear a watch, this is probably not an accident. Whenever I give a gift I try and figure out what that person would like. I’ve seen articles on gift giving and experts explain that on many occasions we give gifts that we would like ourselves. So if you get a big gift basket of various soaps it's probably because that person has a penchant for soap, not because you need a bath.

I don’t think this theory is necessarily true. My mother in law is an avid gardener, who also happens to love jewelry has never sent me a plant, she knows I don’t garden. In return, while I can’t always afford to send her a lavish piece of jewelry I can usually afford a gift of a plant or flowers. I know her well enough to send “live” plants or flowers. This way she is able to plant them come spring. A gift that keeps her out in her yard makes her happy. Just as when we were children, toys were welcome presents, new socks, not so much. Knowing who you are buying a gift for is very important. I cannot stress this fact enough. The success or failure of a gift giving event is highly dependent on what you know about the recipient.

I hope that my husband brings home some chocolate covered strawberries, but I also know that the mall will be a zoo and anytime the mall becomes a zoo both of us have a tendency to avoid it. I too will be thrilled with a gift card or money in my iTunes account. I love to read and iBooks is a great way to get a new book. It may seem silly to some, but sometimes it’s just what I want and need, a good book. Although I’m not as adverse to gift cards or chocolates or flowers as some seem to be.

I would love an expensive piece of jewelry but that is a little much to ask for on such a generic holiday. While it’s great to have my husband think of me and buy me something for no particular reason other than its Valentine’s Day, I do have to be practical. After all there is always my birthday or our anniversary for a piece of jewelry that is both expensive and ostentatious, patience is a virtue. Besides, I can always go to the gourmet section of our local market and pick up some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. This way we can spend time together and enjoy each other’s company, isn’t that romantic.

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