Thursday, February 2, 2012

Handbags, Jewelry & Shoes

If you have a conversation with any woman, chances are she is either a lover of handbags, jewelry and/or shoes. Not all women love these three items together, but it’s safe to say that most women have a love for at least one of these items. I can say that I love them all. This is a particularly hard place to be since if you are like me, you have not won the lottery or have unlimited funds. I see so many beautiful accessories on the internet, in fashion magazines and just while strolling through a store. Seeing other people’s blogs where they post pictures of their latest loves just make me love it too. So many beautiful things, it is really hard to control myself.

But self control is a virtue at least that is what I keep telling myself. I need to be judicious in deciding which items that I really need to add to my accessory collection. Sometimes it’s easy; you need new black pumps because the pair you bought a number of years ago are completely worn out, you walked them to death. Other times you have a special event that you must attend and you want to look perfect. This requires either purchasing a completely new outfit including accessories or you can get by with buying one or two accessories that update a cute suit or dress you already own. I like the later because buying a whole new outfit usually comes with a budget and it is hard to get everything I want to make an outfit perfect on a budget.

That’s the wonderful thing about accessories; they update a look and keep you on budget. Nowadays so many people are actually following a budget that accessories are becoming more important. It’s the perfect way to make something older look new and if you are thoughtful, it’s easy. Take the charm bracelet. The new beaded charm bracelets have beautiful colored beads that can match any outfit. If you lean towards cool colors, you can purchase blues, grays and sterling silver beads. If you lean towards warm colors you can purchase reds, yellows, oranges and gold beads. I’m currently working on a black and white Murano glass bead bracelet with sterling silver beads. I wear so much black that it’s a natural.

The cost is really minimal because you do not have to purchase an entire bracelet full of beads at once. A person can do this if they want to, but it makes so much sense to add the beads slowly, over time. Working on a bead charm bracelet at a slower pace gives you time to be thoughtful and decide which beads will work together. Whenever I’m rushed in making a decision I always pick something that I end up not loving forever. It’s kind of like remodeling a portion of your house, you get the best results when you’ve lived in the house for awhile and know how it should work, how you will use a particular room. So remember, slow and steady wins the race and accessories complete an outfit, at least this theory works for me.

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