Monday, February 6, 2012

Fashion Trends

Fashion trends come and go and it's hard sometimes to always be in style. There are fashion looks that I love and love to wear and there are some looks that don't always work. One size doesn't fit all. Some really cool fashion trends right now are chunky necklaces made from natural stone, mixed media and thick chains. The look can be simulated with multiple chains or necklaces worn together. I personally like the natural stone necklace. Since agate with alternative metals as opposed to gemstones and precious metals are more affordable, it's a look many can followed with ease. It's also easy to find since it's so trendy. Many stores carry a wide selection in a multitude of natural agate and creative alternative metals.

Another really hot look is the stackable ring. It comes in a bunch of different styles, metals and gemstones. I think they're a lot of fun and shouldn't jewelry be fun? Some of the styles are quite classic and elegant. These include diamond fleur dis lis and marcasite studded rings. When these rings are mixed and matched they create a look that is classic and can be worn with just about any other jewelry. The stacking ring also comes in some quirky and creative designs. These include enamel flowers; zebra print bands and bohemian peace symbols. These styles appeal those free spirits who don't always feel a need to follow fashion convention. People want to wear something different on occasion and we don’t always want to wear what someone else is wearing.

All of these looks have the ability to appeal to a variety of personal tastes and fashion trends. This is important when it comes to jewelry because every style doesn't appeal to everyone. This is what I mean when I say one size doesn't fit all. To try and say that one style or type of jewelry will please everyone isn't always true or even possible. Variety is the spice of life and I'm always trying to spice up my life. I also try and follow fashion trends and try new and different styles. Unlike changing your hairstyle, which takes time to grow out if you don’t like it, jewelry adds interest without permanency. This is probably why I also don’t have a tattoo. I like to change up my look without it lasting forever.

Don’t get me wrong I love some looks and never want to give them up, but when it comes to something trendy I don’t want to make a lifelong commitment. I’m also looking for something affordable when I’m indulging in a fashion trend, on sale is also good. So take a look out there at all the fashion trends and find one you love for now. If it’s priced right why not indulge yourself a little bit? Fashion should be fun and wearing some of the hottest fashion trends will not only make you feel good, you’ll know you look chic.

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