Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Casual Dressing

Fabric choice and a great pair of heels make all the difference

I read an article in the Sunday paper about how dressing down has become the norm. It was interesting in that it showed a picture from the 1960s where people were walking a picket line protesting, all the picketers were dressed nicely. Men wore suits with ties and even hats, the women were dressed in a neat dress and sensible heels. This is a far cry from all the Occupy Oakland people I’ve seen in the same paper. Today more and more people are dressing for comfort. Not that I blame them. Why be uncomfortable if you don't have to be, but some are taking it too far.

 The People of Target?

The pictures that accompanied the article showed people dressed not only in jeans and t-shirts, but slippers, pajama pants and an odd array of sloppy sweaters. Now I love sweaters and I even have several long blanket type sweaters which I can say kind of look sloppy, but there is a trick to wearing them. This long, possibly uneven hem sweaters can look baggy or sloppy, especially if the garments underneath is baggy and sloppy. The trick to these sweaters is to wear smooth, close to the body pants and shirt. Collarless shirts work best and keep the color monochromatic in order to elongate the body. Heels are a must. Obviously wearing a pair of baggy pajama pants, slipper and a baggy shirt will look atrocious with a blanket sweater, even though the outfit will be comfortable.

 These silky pants look comfortable

I think this was the point of the article. It’s not that people dress too casually; it’s just people dress mainly for comfort. When the main focus is comfort, the outfit may lose some of its panache. Comfortable clothes generally have few accessories. While I may wear jewelry when I’m out and about, once I come home I have a tendency to remove my jewelry and put it away. It’s not as comfortable to wear jewelry around the house and since I may do some cooking or cleaning up, jewelry can get in the way or become damaged. I must protect my jewelry because I want to dress up with it later.
 Once again, heels and choice of fabric make this outfit fashionable not sloppy

I guess what I’m trying to say is, people can dress comfortably and still look good. Audrey Hepburn popularized the Capri pant with ballet flat look and no one would say she looked sloppy. It was because she was accessorized. A simple black dress may be plain with no jewelry and downright sloppy with the wrong shoes, but put on a pair of heels, a beautiful statement necklace and you’re all dressed up. Remember there’s nothing wrong with pajama pants, just wear silk pajama pants, heels, a menswear tailored shirt and a blazer and you will look fashionable, pulled together and never sloppy.

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