Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Stupid Decision

 Beautiful and affordable

There was an interesting article written by Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor for JCK Magazine, concerning a theft of a diamond ring from Zales. Turns out the thief was discovered after his fiancé posted pictures of the ring on Facebook. Now I’m no rocket scientist but it’s pretty obvious that starting a marriage off with a stolen engagement ring is a bad idea. The thief even admitted that it was stupid and he did it because he simply couldn’t afford the ring he wanted to get his future fiancé.

 Big doesn't always have to mean a diamond

This is where jewelers should work with their clients. While a $3000.00 engagement ring may not seem like a fortune to some, it can represent a life time of savings for another. I would assume that the jeweler would ask the customer what their price range is for such an item. Unlike purchasing jewelry for pleasure an engagement ring is a symbol of a promise. While it may not be exactly what everyone expected, it should represent a commitment not a bank account. When my husband and I got engaged we were both young. We didn’t have a lot of money and he had just purchased his first house. The ring we selected was not expensive by any standard, the diamond was miniscule but I liked it. I didn’t want to have a ring that would break the diminishing bank and it probably made my husband feel good that he wasn’t marrying a woman only interested in the size of the diamond ring.

 Sparkly and fun

Years later I still treasure this ring although I can no longer wear it, it was quite small. I’ve since received a very large multi-diamond ring as a replacement from my husband and when he compared the two rings together he doubted that there was a diamond at all in my original wedding ring. He has become quite astute in regards to quality since he bought that first piece of jewelry for me. The jewelry industry has always encouraged purchasing pieces that the customer will love for a lifetime, but it should also emphasize that an individual’s taste may change over time. A ring that was adored when purchased may not be the same in thirty years or more. It’s not that the owner doesn’t love it but their personal taste may change and the ring may become smaller. Things change in our lives.

 Why not try alternative metals?

So instead of encouraging spending more money than they have or in the case of the not so smart thief who stole to get the perfect ring, please take into consideration the budget of your customers. If you treat them right they will become a customer for life, and isn’t this what every jeweler really wants? Knowing that styles change and a ring can only be easily sized so many times it is important to help the customer find a ring that fits the bill today. There is always tomorrow to purchase that gigantic and fabulous ring and if a future fiancé doesn’t think a tomorrow together will be in their future, she probably isn’t the girl you want to marry. Besides, if given a choice the girl who received the stolen engagement ring would probably pick a plain thin inexpensive gold band if she knew her fiancé would end up in jail simply over a ring. True love isn’t measured by the size of a diamond.

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  1. "True love isn't measured by the size of a diamond." - I love that! And you're absolutely right, there is always time for an upgrade. No need to break the bank right away!