Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Rainbow of Colors

In the February issue of InStyle Magazine there is an article showing the latest in rainbow colored gemstone jewelry. It’s amazing how all these bright colors are set right next to each other. One would think they would clash, but no, they actually look interesting and bright. It’s as if setting purple next to green makes each gemstone sparkle a little more. Additionally, the size of the pieces are quite bold. Large cuffs studded with gems and hoop earrings that have multiple hoops all looped together. I’m sure it’s not a style for everyone, but you can’t help but love the bold and beautiful gemstones all layered together in an eye pleasing jumble.

Mixing gemstones is something that I’ve always enjoyed. I wear different colored gemstones together and don’t always stick with one type of stone. Yes, wearing all diamonds can be a stunning look and who doesn’t want to make a fabulous impression, but it can get a little pricey dousing yourself in diamonds, even Pave diamonds. I’ve found that wearing gemstones is fun. I love citrine and have a bold ring that is just gorgeous, it really makes a statement. A mixed multiple gemstone bracelet can be worn with a gemstone colored sweater. Bright colors make me feel happy and who doesn’t want to feel happy. If you’re not feeling happy put on something bright and sparkly and fake it!

 Or try several different colors

The other wonderful thing about gemstones is their relative value. While gold and diamonds are great, they do move out of my budget fairly quickly. I’ve found gemstones and sterling silver to be a much more affordable alternative. A gemstone bracelet made of pure silver with different colored gemstones is both bright and beautiful. It can be worn with different jewel toned items and is really quite versatile. The new multicolored gemstone look also moves into evening with ease. Who doesn’t the love look of a little black dress accessorized with bright gemstone earrings, it’s a natural.

 A bold and beautiful bracelet

So the next time you see a piece with citrine next to emerald next to amethyst next to peridot, don’t dismiss it out of hand for being too much, try it on. The mix of bright colors is interesting and affordable. Gemstone jewelry can represent all the colors of the rainbow in one piece or you can mix and match according to your own personal taste. Everyone has a favorite color so why not show the world your preference with a piece of sparkly gemstone jewelry; it can’t help but make you smile.

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