Wednesday, January 4, 2012

People of Wal-Mart

Is a coat made from Royal Crown covers innovative, frugal or just a bad idea?

Okay I understand that this website has been determined to be the absolute absents of fashion, but I can’t help but laugh and wonder, where do we draw the line between brilliant fashion sense and utter disaster? My Dad was actually the one who turned me on to this website and after gapping in wonder at these fashion disasters I laughingly forwarded it to some friends. I found out that apparently they thought they were hilarious also. What is so funny is a total lack of any fashion sense. I wonder about how innovative or creative thinking has gone so utterly wrong. Is there a little insanity mixed in, is insanity not good? Van Gogh spent his life in and out of mental hospitals but his artwork was brilliant, how far is too far?

There have always been creative designers and artists who look at the world differently, Picasso, Miro and Calder, all who have contributed to the art world creating new way to look at the world, their art was surreal and abstract when seen through their own eyes and they created a new art form. I recently found out that Alexander Calder made jewelry. It was of course a limited number of pieces fashioned throughout his lifetime as gifts. I’m sure it was fabulous to receive one of these pieces, a treasure forever. It is hard to tell where creativity will sprout, Paloma Picasso became a jewelry designer and renowned for her innovative design. I guess the artistic gene doesn’t fall far from the tree. But what makes someone original in fashion or just a mess?

 You have to admit she is a free spirit

Betsey Johnson has some very wild looks, or at least I thought so until I started scanning the pictures on the People of Wal-Mart website. Her designs now seem tame in comparison. Her leopard print watches, chunky bracelets and silk screened tops are run of the mill when compared to the daring combinations worn at Wal-Mart. It makes one wonder if the daring outfits worn at Wal-Mart are bad because of the presentation or the location? While I have always been a conservative dresser I am downright bland when I see what others are wearing at this infamous store. I am sometimes afraid to add a print to my outfit yet these people are not afraid to add a print, feathers, medical scrubs or anything else that catches their fancy or happens to be lounging around the floor of their homes.

While I am not advocating a total disregard for fashion sense, it is somewhat enlightening to see people who have thrown all fashion rules out the window. It's good for the soul to allow ourselves to occasionally abandon the rules, although I would suggest to not completely ignoring basic rules. It is fun to try something new once in awhile, I found a leopard print tank and love it. I know, it’s not very daring, but it’s daring to me. The addition of something that is unusual to an outfit can add a little spark. Jewelry that is bold and innovative might be just the ticket, so add some imagination but beware the People of Wal-Mart fashion look.

 You know your a redneck when...

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  1. Loved your post this morning!! What a funny site with great pictures! I have to say that I waver back and forth between being appalled at such aweful fashion sense and being impressed by their comfort and acceptance of themselves. Some people don't care what others think of them and are happy to dress as they like. I am no fashion diva at all but I do wish that I was brave enough to be a little more outlandish and have fun with fashion!! Thanks for the great post!!