Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not Very Lucky

Funny and sad all at once

I’ve always considered myself an unlucky person. I’ve never placed a lot of faith in my ability to win when the odds are against me. I’ve usually given more value to working hard and trying to figure out a problem than hoping that fortune will smile upon me. This past Tuesday I played Mega Millions Lottery and found out how unlucky I am. Please note the numbers written across the top of the ticket, these are the numbers that were drawn that day. Notice line C, if I had gotten a 4 instead of a 5, a 16 instead of a 15, a 38 instead of a 37 and the mega number was 34 instead of 33 I would have won $1200.00. While this is not a huge sum of money, it demonstrates how being one number off can be worth something versus nothing.

 I was beginning to think no one would love this, but I was wrong, sold

This is a lot like business, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t, but luck isn’t the only factor that is important. It takes a lot of hard work to get the word out, find customers and do the necessary research to stock inventory, compare shipping and just doing the books. I consider my business a small “Mom & Pop” organization. I personally work with my customers to find that perfect piece of jewelry. I have to make every sale since I do not have employees to rely upon. My husband is the one who does much of our internet website work and while he is really computer savvy, he comes across things he has never heard of, it takes more than luck to figure things out.

 I worried that it would never sell, now having trouble keeping it in stock

Running a jewelry business is not easy, anyone who does this will attest to that point. While researchers claim that jewelers have one of the least stressful jobs, if you ask any jeweler they will tell you something different. We maybe all smiles and courtesy but we are internally worried about whether or not we have inventory selections that will please. We are constantly asking ourselves if we made the right choices and if that custom piece will come out as the customer expected. When your job is to please others and fulfill jewelry wishes, it can be stressful because it is hard to image what someone else is thinking or imaging in their own mind.

 A popular design that was my idea

This is where some luck comes in, we have to have faith that we will get lucky and that that custom piece of jewelry will turn out exactly as the customer pictured it. We have to have faith in our ability to stock the right inventory or create the perfect design. While we may not always be lucky in everything we purchase or design, we can always hope that we will get lucky and that perfect customer will come along and they will fall in love with that languishing piece. So work hard and remember to hope for a little luck, you may not win the lottery but if you aim to please, you’ll eventually start hitting the target with true accuracy.

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