Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Frye Harness Boot

Right about now people are either patting themselves on the back for sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions or resigning themselves to starting over next year. I haven’t given up that easily. I made the usual promises to eat better, exercise more and take my vitamins, but there are tons of resolutions out there. Some people vow to stop smoking, lose weight, land that fabulous job or even start a family. One of my resolutions was to get a pair of Frye boots. It’s not that I don’t already own a pair of Frye boots, I actually own two, but they are both brown. I need a pair of black Frye boots. I also know that when my husband reads this he will veto this “needs” bill.

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Needing and wanting are funny things. Where does one draw the line between wanting to get in shape and needing to get in shape? The same can be said of any fashion item. When do we need that particular piece of clothing or accessory versus just plain wanting it? It’s easier when you need to do something for your health, you can’t eat peanuts because you’re allergic, so you need to stay away from peanuts. It’s not so easy when you have an overflowing closet full of shoes. My husband remodeled my closet a number of years ago and he thought there was adequate room for all the shoes I would ever need. This is where the problem lays, needs got nothing to do with it.

I have these boots in brown and found them to be very versatile. I can wear them with jeans, legging and even dresses. I have a knit jersey dress that looks great with these boots and a pair of cable knit tights, I just thrown on a jeans jacket and a scarf and I think I look awesome. I would love to do the same thing with my knit jersey black dress. Currently I only wear it when the weather is warmer and usually with a pair of sandals and a cardigan, or when I go out with a pair of pumps. It’s a great spring outfit but I would like to get some additional uses just like the brown dress. I think the black dress would look great with these boots and a tweed blazer.

 Gotta love them!

So this is where I need help from my readers. Those of you who read my blog please comment on why I need these boots and help my husband to understand why having a pair of shoes or boots in brown is not the end. I’ve tried to explain that in order to coordinate my outfits I need black and brown shoes. The same goes for handbags. Just because you own the black version doesn’t mean you don’t need to own the brown version too. Oh, and did I forget to mention that these boots have a shearling lining and are so comfortable. Also the heel is sufficiently low enough so I can keep up with him when we are walking around yet high enough to look stylish compared to flat boots or shoes. Okay I’m grasping at straws, but a girl’s got a right to shoes ~ Carrie Bradshaw

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