Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Luxury Goods and the Masses

Personalized beads can be a little bit of luxury

I saw an interesting blip on a book called “Let them Eat Cake: Marketing luxury to the masses as well as the classes” by Pamela N. Danzinger. The book is meant as a marketing information tool and I am sometimes drawn to these types of books because luxury and the concept behind luxury fascinate me. One of the blurbs in this book explains how luxury goods are first purchased by the higher income classes and then eventually filters down to the masses and becomes everyday living necessities. Apparently some of the things that were once considered luxury items are now in everyone’s pockets and homes. A prime example is the cell phone. Once considered an expensive luxury, phone rates were outrageous and phones were bulky, now they are sleek and do everything a computer can do. Plus everyone has one, I saw a homeless guy holding a sign directing people to “donate” to his PayPal account while talking on a cell phone.

Another example is the wine refrigerator, once considered an expensive non-necessity, now they are featured in most homes. This addition to our lives could come from the increase in wine drinkers and the need to preserve the product. Even if you buy inexpensive wine you can’t drink it all right away and need to preserve it. Not everyone can afford an expensive wine cave to store their wine and the smaller wine refrigerator is perfect. This concept of luxury speaks to value. How much value does a particular luxury item add to your life or how much money can having this item eventually save you in spoiled wine? While some things are symbols of luxury, some are just practical.

But luxury should also be fun. If you don’t like to be massaged, spending hours in a spa having this procedure is more torture than luxury. If you are not enjoying something why bother? No matter how prestigious the caviar I still cannot seem to enjoy it and forget about pate, not my cup of tea. This is why I love jewelry. It is something I can enjoy and collect. In particular, I love the charm bracelet right now. It’s versatile and not that expensive. While it may take awhile to collect a bracelet full of beads and they can add up, it’s fun, functional and adds panache to my outfits. I’m working on my first bracelet and it’s about half done. I’m thinking that a couple of beads would be nice for Valentine’s Day, and while I love the heart beads and romance beads, I probably will stick to what matches my bracelet. I’m going for a purely esthetic look.

 I love Italian Murano Glass beads

I’m sure once the bracelet is filled I will start another one. This is the idea of luxury. Taking an everyday piece and adding to it. I have to admit it feels great as the weight of this bracelet increases with each new bead. It’s fun to collect and it gives me the opportunity to have something that I consider a luxury. My luxury is something that I want but don’t actually need. So go out and find out what your little luxury is it could be something as simple as a cup of expensive blended coffee or maybe a new cell phone. No matter what it is it should be fun and best of all, something that makes you feel special.

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