Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's a World Record

Photo courtesy of JCK Magazine

People are fascinated with world records. We record how fast someone ran, drove a car or completed a task. There are world records for oddities and weird events. Recently there has been news of a 57,000 carat emerald that is going to auction, its claim to fame, it is the world’s largest cut emerald. When something is the largest of its kind we are naturally drawn to it. When it is a gemstone we are mesmerized by it. Incredibly large gemstones or gems that are set in unique or opulent designs have always held some interest to people. A 57,000 carat, 25 pound emerald the size of a watermelon is no exception to this rule.

 The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond which is now housed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. is also no exception. This large, 45.52 carat blue diamond has the claim to fame of being the most famous diamond in the world. This is probably because of its notorious reputation; it’s said to be cursed. People just love these stories and the Hope Diamond will probably continue to hold the attention of the viewing public.

 The Pearl of Lao Tzu looks like a human brain

There is also a world’s largest pearl and I think it is the Pearl of Lao Tzu and weighs 14 pounds, it also happens to look a lot like a human brain, not sure that anyone would want to wear this pearl. These extremely large gemstones are generally for display and cannot be worn due to their large size and weight. I just can’t see someone lugging around an 8 pound ruby on a chain. I went to the Ironstone Winery in Murphy’s California to view their 44 pound gold nugget, it is said to be the largest crystalline gold nugget in the world. It actually is quite unique and large, and after a few glasses of wine you are even more amazed. It’s fun to see a large gold nugget.

 Ironstone Winery's 44 lb nugget

While these humongous gemstones are for display purposes only, since cutting them up into jewelry sized pieces would destroy their status, they can enthrall the masses. It isn’t so much the beauty of a particular piece or even whether or not it is flawless, clear, or brilliant, its claim to fame is strictly its size. To find such massive gemstones in nature is interesting and unique. Image how large the oyster was that produced a 14 pound pearl and how many years it took to form. The general principle is the same. So while a 57,000 carat emerald may not be the most ideal it has genuine novelty value and that is what being the largest in the world is all about.

And if you haven't seen enough of the 57,000 carat emerald, here is a link to the YouTube video  World's Largest Emerald

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