Friday, January 13, 2012

Instant Style

 Beautiful classic pearls, layer them with sterling silver

Everyone has that “go to” outfit that makes them feel stylish and pretty. If they have a function they must attend and want to look great they usually have something in mind. It’s almost like a uniform. Just about everyone knows what features they are trying to highlight and which ones we want to blend. I’ve been around long enough to know that my legs are great but I want to hide my tummy. I look really good in black and turtlenecks are a plus. Now I always didn’t look good in black, royal blue used to be my color when I was younger but now it doesn’t give me that pizzazz I’m looking for, don’t get me wrong, I still wear it. Style and what we love to wear evolves over time and what we loved when we were young may not necessarily be what we wear today.

 Mixed natural stone necklace

This is true of jewelry too. We all know what we like to wear to give our outfits some “wow.” We know that if we want to impress, there are pieces that work well with our outfits and can add that little touch that says exactly what we want to say. An outfit that I love is the winter white suit and I usually wear it with a massive strand of pearls, sometimes many strands. Lately I’ve seen this same suit worn with beautiful faceted black crystals. The necklace is bold and the crystals are large and catch the light. It’s a really fabulous look and is a bit edgier paired with black instead of the softness of pearls. This will give the wearer instant style, adding a piece that is either unexpected and different from the norm.

 Dark natural stones add drama to any outfit

I have to admit I'm not a big necklace wearer, I usually stick to scarves and with winter here, a scarf is a fashion statement everyone can enjoy. A blazer or jean jacket looks great with a large cozy scarf but you can mix things up. If you love to wear a clean collared white button down with a blazer or jean jacket this look goes well with natural stones. These are necklaces that have an eco-friendly look. Rough honed turquoise or other natural stones and granites add interest and fun to the usual blazer and button down shirt look. It gives that straight laced look a casual air.

 Earth Gems, natural stone with a real gemstone

Any way you look at it, jewelry can give instant style to any outfit. Whether you are trying to tone something down or jazz something up, nothing works better than jewelry. We all have our favorite outfits, why not have some favorite jewelry? It’s those “go to” pieces that add just what an outfit needs and sometimes those eye-catching looks are really inexpensive. So try something affordable and fun, it doesn’t always have to be the crown jewels that make an outfit complete.

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