Monday, January 30, 2012

I Went to Macworld

These guys had a case you could drop, and a cool van

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, what does Macworld have to do with a jewelry and fashion blog? My love for everything bling brought me to Macworld in an attempt to find some new iPhone and iPad cases that were jewel like but not over the top. I did find a company that makes cases with Swarovski elements and their product is very attractive and not overly done up. The most amazing part was how bland most cases really were and how many companies seem to be marketing a variation of the same item.

 Pardon the blurry photo but people wouldn't hold still

My husband is an Apple fan. He has been trying for years to get me on the same page and when an opportunity to freely browse the Macworld floor presented itself, my husband couldn’t resist. He was intent on finding and questioning the software developers. Most of the discussions he had with these guys went completely over my head. I stuck to things I understood, pretty shiny things. Every vendor who sold a case got a view from me. I looked through every booth hoping to find something shiny. I was pretty disappointed. Many of the retailers carried cases that were plastic or rubber and simply came in a multitude of colors. They were not anymore special then the cases you would find at the local mall, maybe even less so. Some of the cases had pictures and you could customize the case with a picture of your kids or a sunset from your vacation in Mexico. Wasn’t there a kiosk at the mall that did this with t-shirts?

 White Diamond cases

The next category of cases was gadget cases. These cases represented people who obviously take their iPhones and iPads to places they probably shouldn’t go. They had many vendors selling cases to keep your electronics dry, even underwater in the ocean. There were cases that kept your electronics from breaking if you dropped it off the top of a ladder. There were also cases that opened beer bottles, apps to keep track and a multitude of wallet cases. These are cases that you slide your iPhone or iPad into that also holds your license, credit cards and money. People carry around their smart phones but not always their wallets, go figure. There were cases that attached your iPhone to a pole, turned it into a steady cam and hung it around your neck. Truly amazing and truly odd.

 Kind of like this case by White Diamond

While I may not have found the perfect case I did see a lot of over the top cases. There was one case company that had so much bling it probably could be seen from outer space. Another company had cartoonish bling cases. While I love a teddy bear made of real fur and a diamond collar, I’m not sure it would be a look that would work for me. I did find one company that has cases that are pretty and a little different, in a good way. I still haven’t made a decision on which case I would like to own. They have a snazzy brochure so I’m sure I will eventually make a decision and if you ever want to see the weirdest gadgets along with some pretty cool stuff, go to Macworld where creativity is the name of the game.

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