Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey I Have Those Too!

Advertisement in InStyle Magazine, Volume 19, #2, February/12, Pg. 223

I recently got the latest issue of InStyle Magazine and have been flipping through it. I love this magazine because it gives practical advice, with photographs, on stylish clothing and accessories. Since accessories are one of my biggest fashion categories, I tend to spend quite some time reading this magazine. To my surprise there was an advertisement in the back of the magazine featuring “tips n trends.” These are the latest things that readers of the magazine would love to have, and it’s quite a selection. They feature everything from jewelry to grooming products and even fashionable accessories for your pet. What shocked me was the advertisement for Hershey Kiss Jewelry. I actually sell those on my website.

 Hershey Kiss Pendant

The advertisement was for Valentine’s Day so many of the idea were orientated towards this holiday. There were pretty pink underwear sets, sexy red dresses and of course, sparkly kisses in the form of jewelry. I’ve had these items in my inventory for about a year and I love them. It is a cute sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold pendant shaped just like the iconic Hershey Kiss. Not only is this little kiss available in an array of metal types it can also be studded with cubic zirconia or real diamonds. The look is pure indulgence, especially if you get diamonds. What is really great about these kisses is their ability to cross generational lines. I’ve had women who have bought these for their daughters and also for themselves. They are just that cute.

 Really cute Hershey Kiss charm bracelet

The Hershey Kiss jewelry line also has bracelets and earrings so you can create sets or wear the bracelets with other pieces for a really fun look. It’s not very often that I find the exact same piece that I’m selling shown in a magazine. While I’m not part of this advertisement, I’m a little bit thrilled that something I picked out for my inventory is being placed in a major magazine for an advertisement. It kind of validates my decision to carry a line of jewelry, because let’s face it, when you start purchasing jewelry for inventory you always have a doubt in the back of your mind on whether you made the right decision. I do this “second guessing” all the time. If something sells really well out of the gate I’m ecstatic. If something languishes for months I wonder if I made the correct buying decision. It’s easy to doubt ourselves.

 These Hershey Kiss earrings dangle and sparkle

Ultimately, it all comes down to sales and I’ve found that sales come in waves. Just like the busy holiday season, sales on particular items go up and go down each month. With Valentine’s Day so near, just over a month away, it’s probably time to think about those Hershey Kisses again. It also helps when I see them advertised in a magazine. So yes, I have some of these cute little Hershey Kisses in stock and I’m happy to special order for that gal who really wants gold and diamonds, who doesn’t love gold and diamonds? It’s great that someone thought these little cuties were worth an advertisement, just like me.

 The Hershey Kiss sterling silver dangle earrings for the purist

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