Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hearts are Symbolic

Valentine’s Day has been labeled by some as a holiday invented by florists and greeting card companies. This statement is usually made by some hapless male who is stuck once again on what to get his significant other. I like to think of Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to be romantic. In our everyday lives we can forget to have a little romance. The everyday mundane tasks of getting the kids to school, picking up the dry cleaning, running to the bank and store, then having to cook dinner can make us forget why we got married in the first place, we fell in love.

 Give her flowers

My husband’s cousin married his wife on Valentine’s Day and I’m sure many couples have become engaged on this day each year. It’s a day to remind ourselves that we are a couple for a reason and while not everyone will like this, women do want cards, candy and/or flowers. Hearts are symbolic for Valentine’s Day and the ubiquitous card and flowers may seem silly to some men, women look to this offering as symbolic of their love. They took the time to go out of their way in their very busy schedules to stop and get something for their girlfriend, wife, etc. Nowadays it’s not so hard to appear thoughtful, we have the internet.

 Maybe some candy

The internet is awash with various stores that sell everything you could want, including flowers, greeting cards, candy and jewelry. You can pick out what you want and have it sent without leaving your office or if you have an app, you can take care of everything from your smart phone and everyone has a smart phone! It has never been easier to make sure that that special day is in fact, special. The same goes for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. I’ve sent some wonderful jewelry to unsuspecting women whose husbands are quite thoughtful. I’ve also worked as a personal shopper for busy men who still want to get that perfect gift for their wives. The wonderful thing about my shopping for others, other than shopping, is I do all the legwork and they get all the glory.

 or the book of love

So for all those guys out there looking to get something special for their wives don’t forget the on-line jewelry store. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for give us a call and I might be able to help you out. I can shop for that special piece of jewelry and even find a lovely card. I’m also very good at the covert operation. So don't worry, the on-line jewelry store is your friend and remember consultations are free.

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