Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Okay it's a catalog ad but it is the outfit I was talking about.
Okay that statement is a little late, but this is the first blog of a new year and now it’s 2012. Like most everyone the new year is full of hope and opportunities, like hoping that you won’t forget to write 2012 on checks and other paperwork for the first week or so. It’s also an opportunity to evaluate our closets and figure out what we need to complete those outfits. The weather has turned cold and unless there is a freak warming streak, it is now officially time to roll out the cold weather gear. One of the cold weather looks that I love is jeans, boots, a turtleneck sweater and a fur vest. This look has been around awhile but it looks great and serves the function of keeping one warm. I also frequently wear cardigans with scarves and if it’s extra cold I can wear a jersey t-shirt underneath.

 Still have a few charms and beads to go.

I’ve recently been giving the casual and comfortable look a try. I’ve discovered that while a pair of Ugg boots is fashionable it looks a little out of place on me. I’ve decided that I need some tougher looking boots. Pseudo snow boots or motorcycle boots with a cuff and that sit low may work. This way I can wear them with jeans and well as warm and comfy sweatpants. This casual look requires a reevaluation of my jewelry. What to wear? I of course will stick with my diamond and cuff style rings. The cuff ring gives a tougher bolder look which works well with casual.

 These are pretty cool, tough and fit the motorcycle boot look

For the wrist I think this look calls for multiple bracelets. I’ve tried wearing my new charm bracelet, my Christmas present, with my watch and it’s a look I really like. The charm bracelet is chunky and makes a bold accent on my wrist. I have to be patient because I keep thinking how great two of these bracelets would look together and I only just started one. There is also the problem that I’m wearing longer sleeves now that the weather is so cold. It’s hard to show off that wrist full of bracelets when your sleeves keep falling down over them. If I’m wearing a cardigan it’s easy enough to turn the cuff back a hair and then my bracelets can shine through. I also found the most awesome chunky black turtleneck sweater with three quarter sleeves. It looks great with a pair of camel colored jeans and black motorcycle boot or dark colored snow boots. Hey another reason to buy those boots!

 Also found these snow boots, note the fluffy lining, they look incredibly comfortable

So today I will be evaluating my closet, looking for the warmest and comfiest clothes I own. I will also be searching on-line for a pair of warm boots that have a low heel, casual style and of course that comfortable yet tough look. I already dragged my husband to the mall yesterday and my search was unsuccessful. It is amazing how many poor quality boots are being sold in stores. Even stores that I have always found great success were quite disappointing, that is why I am turning to my favorite, Zappos, and they ship free both ways! So the evaluation continues and the wishful thinking of adding to my charm bracelet will keep me going through the next few cold winter months, after all not everyone can fly off to Barbados to escape the cold. Besides I wouldn’t want to give up an opportunity to wear my beloved boots.

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