Monday, January 16, 2012

The Golden Globes

Sofia Vergara in Harry Winston

The internet is alive with pictures of beautiful ball gowns and fabulous jewelry. Everything that the famous crowd has worn to the Golden Globes has now been photographed, cataloged and critiqued by those in the know, while the rest of the mere mortals look on from the outside. Those who were deem outstanding have been given their appropriate grade and those who failed, well…they’ve got their grade too. I personally love looking at all the beautiful gowns worn by the ladies. To me, it doesn’t matter that some critic deemed their choice in evening wear unfashionable. With the exception of a few who made some odd choices, I think they all look great.

Going to a red carpet event is a big deal. I’ve never been invited and probably never will, it’s just not my thing, but I love to see what others are wearing. The work and effort that these women put into getting all dressed up should be commended. I notice the guys rarely stray from the standard tuxedo and those that do generally are not rewarded. I guess it goes back to those “dress-up” days of our childhood. Every little girl loves to play dress-up and it’s kind of fun to see the grown-up version. What is more fun is to see the spectacular jewels.

 Close-up of Harry Winston Jewelry

It is traditional for the gown wearers to pull out all the stops and wear jewelry that is not only beautiful but amazingly expensive. Some women rent jewelry for these occasions. Case in point, Sofia Vergara wore five million dollars worth of Harry Winston jewelry on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, while she was probably the most expensively decked actress, it must be awesome to wear such fantastic jewelry. It actually makes a lot of sense to rent these large pieces as opposed to owning. Five million dollars buys a lot of things and investing that much in jewelry for a special event borders on the insane, let alone frivolous.

I will view all the posting of pictures of actresses who dressed up like fairy princesses for this red carpet event and drool over all the wonderful gems. I’m sure pictures will be coming all week. It is a shame to hear critics saying bad things about those actresses who decided to express their own style or individuality. While I will agree that some choices are decidedly not for me, who are we to say it is not for them. I think we should all just go with it and marvel at all the gowns and jewelry, after all, it’s not like we don’t all love living vicariously through those who strut the red carpet.

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