Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fabulous at any Age

I've always been fond of the black and white look

This is the year that I move up an age group in the Bazaar Magazine, Fabulous at any Age. I would say that it’s a bummer but can one say that Uma Thurman is that much more fabulous than Julianne Moore? I think Julianne Moore is pretty fabulous and if I looked half as good as she does in a short skirt I would own more of them, short skirts that is! That’s the wonderful thing about clothing and fashion, if you know what looks good on you, you can look great. There are some women like Madonna who have spent their entire lives exercising, dancing and generally cultivating the perfect body. I don’t think she was ever out of shape, even when she was pregnant. She’s works hard at it and as a result, looks great in a potato sack. For many of us it’s not that easy.

While I have to admit that exercising would help a bunch I am more inclined to look for fashion and accessories that highlight my good body parts and deemphasize my bad body parts. This is something that we all learned when we were younger and our bodies could wear anything. The only difference is now we know what looks good and we refuse to experiment. The only thing that I experiment with is jewelry. Some would say that those are costly tests and one shouldn’t indulge in experimentation with jewelry, but just like clothing, unless we try something out we won’t know if it works for us.

 Maybe I'll just layer some necklaces

I know many women who can wear delicate jewelry and for some reason it never gets lost in their look and it’s fabulous. I also know women who can wear chunky watches and their wrist don’t look micro sized. This is the key to looking fabulous at any age; knowing what looks best on your body and what accessories pull a look together. As an example, Uma Thurman probably knows she has long slim limbs and a great neck so she wears a little black dress with her hair pulled up and stunning diamond earrings. By the same token Julianne Moore is not as lithe but can wear a very short skirt because of her shapely legs and compliments her look with matching statement bracelets. Both women look beautiful.

So I’ll try and focus less on turning another year older and focus on what accessories, namely jewelry, that will add polish to the clothes in my closet. Since I’m not actually entering this new age group for a few months it’s safe to say I have a little time to work on this task. I guess this is all part of my “this is a new year so I better work on something” pledge and what is better than thinking of new ways to wear jewelry?

 Who doesn't love a large gemstone bracelet?

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