Friday, January 20, 2012

Costume Jewelry?

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Whenever I hear the term “costume jewelry” I think of all those huge baubles that my Grandmother wore. I remember playing dress-up with oversized pearls, Bakelite bracelets and rhinestone earrings and brooches. It was a world of shiny and pretty things that sparkled and made noise when I danced around. Costume jewelry had its heyday back then but I’ve seen it fall out of favor. I don’t know if it’s me or the fashion industry in general, but jewelry seemed to shrink in size, gone were the large plastic bangles and in its place was sleek gold and silver bracelets, intricate yet delicate necklaces and earrings that were a simple drop with tasteful gemstones or diamonds. It seemed to shift jewelry away from costume and towards “real” pieces that were smaller in dimension.

 Stainless Steel and Cubic Zirconia, a Very Bold Ring

Behold the return of costume jewelry. Today we are seeing large and bold jewelry making a comeback. The bib necklace is popular and there are wide cuff bracelets for your wrists as well as statement rings for your fingers. Many designers are using a combination of metals, cubic zirconia and gemstones to create unique pieces that are also bold. The term “fashion jewelry” has now taken the place of “costume jewelry” probably because it doesn’t have that connotation of fake that costume jewelry seems to indicate. But is it fake jewelry when it reflects a design concept and uses sterling silver and gemstones?

 Black Jasper with Imperial Diopside Earth Gems

Designers are dabbling in mixed media in jewelry. They use a combination of sterling silver, gold and stainless steel, amongst other metals, to create their designs. I’ve also seen designers use recycled material to create new jewelry from old pieces. What a great idea, reuse the half of an earring to create an entirely new piece. Designers are also using material that is naturalistic and unusual. Earth Gems are made from various types of stone. Yes, they do look like granite counter tops, but who hasn’t passed a hand over a smooth granite counter top and marveled at the intricate natural patterns of the stone? Should jewelry be any different?

Jewelry is an accessory that completes and compliments our outfits. The shift to bolder pieces and mixed media makes jewelry unique and affordable. Wearing a large diamond, while fun, is not necessary. Jewelry doesn’t always have to be a reflection of wealth; it can be a reflection of your individuality and good fashion sense. So indulge in a few pieces of fashion jewelry, wooden bangles are making a comeback and who can resist a statement necklace with a multitude of natural stones. Besides, you’ll look awesome and eco friendly.

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