Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where Do You Hide Your Presents?

Maybe some big gemstones for a gift?

It’s that time of year again, time to be stealthy. Since sales were up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it stands to reason that all those gifts are either hanging out at someone’s home or being shipped. If you bought your Christmas and holiday gifts early you will have to find some place to store them till the big day. If your family knows that you shop early they may actually go looking for their presents. This is a trait you generally see in children since they anticipate Christmas the most. I remember my older sister artfully unwrapping a present before Christmas, taking a peek, and then securely hiding where she took that peek. Our parents don’t know about this bit of sneakiness to this day. I also remember a Christmas when I opened a closet and saw a stack of toys, I told no one but didn’t linger. The next day when I went back to get a better look all the toys were gone, I thought I had imaged it.

Rings are always easy to hide!

Hiding presents can be an art form. If you do it well, the recipient has no idea and you get to make a great splash on Christmas day. If you’re not good you either offer a present that is already known or you can’t find the present at all. I remember one Christmas my mother in law purchased an expensive skirt as a present for me. She hid the present but by the time Christmas rolled around she couldn’t remember where she hid it. I don’t think she ever found it, bummer. I also heard a funny story from a candy vendor who purchased a piece of jewelry for his wife one year. He hid the box with the jewelry inside and completely forgot all about it. Christmas came and went and when his wife was doing the books for taxes she found a receipt for a necklace. Needless to say she wanted to know where this piece of jewelry was since she certainly didn’t get it. He said he never found where his hiding place was and his wife has been suspicious ever since.

Then again, a pendant is nice

Gift giving is hard enough without the added pressure of finding a place to hide the present. I usually have the double whammy of hiding the credit card bill. My husband does the bills and checks our statements religiously. He’s good at it and will question me if he sees anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. This is always a good policy since identity theft and credit card scams are rampant. Unfortunately, this makes it hard to hide that on-line purchase that I made for his gifts. He is kind of hard to buy for if you’re looking for something unusual or as a surprise because those kinds of gifts are usually on-line at some obscure store. I found these key chains that were made from old defunct Las Vegas hotel key tags and had to have one. He such a fan of Las Vegas memorabilia this key chain was perfect. It was an on-line purchase of course.

So remember that buying Christmas and holiday gifts are par for the course but there is an aspect of being a sleuth involved with each purchase. It’s not just what you buy but where you hide it!

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