Friday, December 2, 2011

The Weather and Shopping

The weather outside is frightful, so shop on line!

As most everyone knows by now, America is a retail icon. We love to shop and while many people will say they do not buy that often and when they do, it’s not much, combining the sheer numbers of people who shop makes for a large number. During the holidays it’s all shopping all the time. This is probably the images that make Americans look foolish. Shoppers stampeding stores on Black Friday, large groups of people milling about the mall and retailers advertising their Christmas sales before Halloween all give the impression that we do nothing but shop. When I talk about shopping with my friends I find a group who only does some in store shopping but frequently shop on-line for their gifts or needs. Why go to the store if you don’t have to?

Start with a beautiful band
When the weather gets rough, it makes shopping on line more attractive. Here in California we had some gusty winds. Since we are generally blessed with good weather and earthquakes we aren’t really prepared for winds that knock down gas stations or semi truck on the freeway. The winter months can signal the beginning of harsh weather conditions across the country and these weather patterns keep people home. I remember a professor who spent time in Canada and told us a story about going out and shopping for a gift for his wife during a snow storm. Now most people know that Canada is cold in the winter, been there and know it gets fur coat cold in January. This professor told us his eyes froze, literally, the moisture in his eyes froze and he couldn’t blink! Now that’s dedication to shopping. In these harsh conditions how does someone get the gifts they need in time for Christmas?

Add a whimsical touch

On line shopping is becoming extremely popular. It’s easy, safe and if you do a little planning your gifts can arrive on time for Christmas, wrapped in some cases. Back in the day, shopping on line was a hassle. You had to fill in a lot of blanks and information and you didn’t always know who you were giving this important information to, they could be crooks. Today there are secure checkouts and many credit card companies give an additional level of protection in case the on line store is not legitimate. Now when you factor in the ease of not leaving your home and facing hundreds of rabid shoppers, it really becomes attractive. Not to mention just about everything is available on line. If you can’t find it on the internet it probably doesn’t exist. Even some of my favorite jewelry stores are now selling on line so you don’t have to travel to faraway places just to visit a boutique because there isn’t one in your area.

Maybe a touch of color

There are many small businesses who deal almost exclusively on line. While stores in my area do not sell wool tights I found a place on line that has the most amazing thick wool tights. My local appliance repair guy doesn’t carry a part for my vacuum; I can get it on line. Homemade candles and candy can all be found on line and they are all just a click away. So spend some time shopping on line and save yourself the hassle of battling the crowds and the parking lot. You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to shop and who wouldn’t want to spend more of their precious time at home baking cookies anyway? You can avoid any bad weather and still be majorly productive; it’s a win-win situation!

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